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17/04 2014

Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile

Wolf Alice are back with a snarling rock number, reminiscent of Hole, from their impending Creature Songs EP.  A fans’ favourite from live shows, it’ll be the record’s opener.  Here are some of the best Soundcloud comments about it:

Played this at least 20 times.  What a gem
this made me want to wax my batty
sounds like forever
this is ok
This is simply incredible.

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16/04 2014

Teleman – 23 Floors Up

The best compliment I can pay Teleman is that they already sound like a classic band; like one of the greats.  A glorious, giddy stomp of euphoria – all chant-along verses and soaring choruses – this is the song of the year so far.

YouTube Preview Image

23 Floors Up is the flag-waving lead single for Teleman’s debut album – produced by Bernard Butler, called Breakfast and due on 2 June via Moshi Moshi (pre-order here).  It features former singles CristinaSteam Train Girl and In Your Fur, the latter of which featured in SOIWT’s Top 30 Songs of 2013 chart.  Catch the quartet at Islington Assembly Hall on 20 May.

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15/04 2014

Jack Cheshire – Heavenly Bodies

Easy now, easy does it.  Lie back, lie flat, and just let this sweet wee ditty by Jack Cheshire wash over you.  It’s as gentle as gossamer, as soothing as a familiar voice.

This is the second single from Jack’s third album, Long Mind Hotel.  Catch the Somerset-hailing singer at The Harrison in Kings Cross, part of an all-day folk festival, on Sunday 27 April.

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14/04 2014

Monday Music – 14 April 2014

Monday Music’s the one post where Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule.

Wilsen – Magnolia
Last featured on these pages for a wondrous Grimes cover, Wilsen return with this, the title track from a new four-track EP.  It’s sweet and soulful dream pop, as comforting as a hot water bottle or favourite jumper.  Catch the NYC trio at Dingwalls on 30 April, supporting Matthew & The Atlas.

Shunkan – Wash You Away
Shunkan’s a 20-year-old New Zealand singer; this song’s being put out by Art is Hard.   It’s appealingly raw and pared down, but infectious at the same time.  (via Sexbeat)

William Fitzsimmons – Lions
Excellent beard, sweet song.

YouTube Preview Image

WIFE – Heart Is A Far Light
James Kelly was the frontman of former acclaimed death metal act Altar Of Plagues, but you sure wouldn’t know it here.  Taken from (and exemplifying) What’s Between Us, a debut solo album produced with fellow London extremist The Haxan Cloak, Heart Is A Far Light is an echoey affair in which splinters of noirish pop interact with Benedictine, industrial and techno sounds.  The album’s out 0n 9 June via Tri Angle.

Winston & Goldstein – Ode To A Massive Obsession
This is darkwave, this is trip-hop, this is avant-garde electro-pop, this is mad and this is excellent.  W&G is Jacqueline Collyer (formerly of KINS), a Dutch-Australian now based over here. After a series of well-received candlelit shows in Brighton, she’s now hiding away on a Wiltshire farm to produce debut album In the Eyes of the Other, due this summer.  The above is an appetizer.  (via Happy)

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10/04 2014

TĀLĀ – The Duchess

When it happened, I was asked to clear my desk and hand in my keys, like a rogue policeman who gives over his badge and gun before wedging a framed photo of his wife down the side of a cardboard box.  Then, nothing: just a heartbroken walk down a quiet staircase, and the cacophony of a Soho street.

Afterwards I didn’t know what to do.  I wandered in a sad daze, desperately delving into my memory for a explanation and coming up empty.  I phoned my Mum, smoked some cigarettes.  I stumbled past pram-pushers and dog-walkers in Regent’s Park, glaringly out of place in my work clothes.  I sat down on a bench and tried not to cry.  I listened to TĀLĀ.  I did nothing wrong, I kept thinking, I did nothing wrong.  It was all surreal: a ghastly dream, the sort of thing which happens to other people, which happens only in films.  The afternoon stretched ahead and I didn’t have a clue what to do with it.