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22/10 2014



Right. So, I’m freaking out about the fact that I haven’t heard of Archive. Reasons being:
a. They’re headlining Shepherd’s Bush Empire
b. They had a sell-out show at the Roundhouse this year
c. They’ve been making music since 1994 (when I was pre-pubescent, so for most of my absorbable life)
Their Wikipedia page says they have “enjoyed established success throughout Europe, while remaining little-known in their native Britain”. OK, I’m feeling less bad, but doesn’t explain point b, unless it was a mostly non-London audience.

My paranoia, aside, I’m liking what I hear, although the styles seem a bit disparate! Par example, Black and Blue is a morose number, sultry and with female vocalist. You would not think Feel It was from the same act, with its 60s rock and distortion. Maybe they’re having a personality crisis and they’re not really Archive at all, but escaped members of the Polyphonic Spree. THAT would explain it…

Archive – Black and Blue
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Archive – Feel It
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21/10 2014

Kid Wave


I’ll admit I instantly panicked on hearing the opening of this track…It is very too similar to Manic Street Preachers’ Australia (I shit you not, click here to compare). I’m not the biggest fan of MSP, MUCH TO MOST PEOPLE’S DISAPPOINTMENT (it IS an informed opinion, but you can write me off now if you must).

So…”WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KID WAVE” I hear you cry (in your heads, otherwise you just look like a mental shouting at your screen). I’ll bloody tell you why! It has an EXCELLENT instrumental interlude, which is noisy yet heartwarming. PLUS the vocalist has a great sexy deep voice that I find very attractive in female leads (it’s well worth smoking just to achieve those husky tones. Just try to ignore the health risks). It’s not reinventing the wheel, BUT it’s good, shoegazery entertainment.

YouTube Preview Image
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20/10 2014

Monday Music – 20/10/2014

…for stuff what is not of London.

Moving Houses – City Lights

Everyone seems to love a loop pedal these days. Why not, means you don’t have to faff around with extra band mates hogging your air. What’s more, it’s fun for audiences to see how the layers build up (particularly for any missed beats in the recording which lead to an arrhythmic, disonant mess. Mmmm….mess).

Not that that’s a problem these chaps have. I assume, I don’t know. That’s more of a negative intro than I intended. Miran Zrimsek and Philip Hellerbach from Bremen, Germany have produced quite a cutie, with its xylophone tinkles, synth zaps and lyrics like ‘we’re the sparrows, we’re the crows trying to survive in this town’. It’s a quality track, and what’s more, it’s unassuming, which adds to the charm.

YouTube Preview Image

KLP – Medicine

A bassy RnB number from Australia. It’s a bit more out of the ordinary than your average RnB track – with some synthy overlays and sublayers. I take issue with the lyrics – most songs that have ‘love’ in make me die a little on the inside, but ‘take a bit of my love’? Nah. I’m alright, thanks.

Here’s a cryptic submission from Lemuelg (if that is his real name). I have no idea where he’s from, so he’s getting popped in Monday Music. All I got was that this is ‘a piece of my soul’ (his, not mine. You can’t have my soul). As the comments on his Soundcloud suggest, it’s very Modest Mouse. In spite of the lack of information, he’s managed to knock out a well produced track – I particularly like the slippy organ overtones. So want to know more about him? TOUGH TITTIES. I got nowt, you get nowt.

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19/10 2014



New indie four piece Slowlights, describe themselves as a rock outfit. Hmmmm….nay, I wouldn’t. This is indie, more sort of 90s influenced. Their latest Dive Right In is a strident guitarry number, with some brilliant distorted riffs, that are almost like chiming bells. The vocalist (i’m going to go with Dan Clark? Could be wrong, he’s just top of the band list) has a good set of lungs on him, singing with a sort of ebullience, tinged with that cockney ‘don’t give a damn’ edge made popular by the likes of Blur. There’s backing vocals that in some ways clash with the lead, but you know what? It works.

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15/10 2014

Elliott Power – On The Windrush

21.Elliott Power

“We had to suffer while they kept their stiff upper”

On the Windrush reflects on the experience and mentality of those who arrived in England from the West Indies in the 1940s. It’s edgy, dystopian electronica to start, not unlike something you would have heard from the Prodigy or UNKLE in the 90s. But watch the (bleak) video and you will hear hope in this music, in the form of a sweet chorale towards the end.