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3/01 2015

Jay Brown

It’s 2015. Happy New Year and that.

A deep, brooding start from Jay Brown‘s ‘Diamond’. A voice resurrecting Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick (sure, the latter isn’t dead), hers is a voice full of soul, yet airy, one that not even a shite load of cigarette smoking could achieve from a good alto voice. From a simple guitar riff rolls out plaintive harmonic strings, that along with haunting vocals is enough to send a shiver down the most unfeeling of spines.

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24/12 2014

Natalie McCool – Dig it Out


Natalie McCool is digging something out. Perhaps a stubborn rhubarb plant or a stinky cadaver. We may never know. But whatever she’s digging out, I’m digging IT (sorry). It’s an unusual combination – twinkly guitars and clapping drums, with a moderately interesting and pretty prominent bass line. But, WHATTAVOICE, raspy but sweet, and she can make some pretty shapes with it.

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22/12 2014

Monday Music – 22/12/2014

Musics not of London.

Girl Friend

Hailing from Manc-land, Girl Friend are producing some great old school electro-pop. ‘Stop’ is a pacing little number, with some honky-tonk synths and that kind of cantor rhythm you get in these kind of songs, that gives it that bit of punch. ‘Chemical Reaction’ is upbeat. Guess which one is preferred of the two…

LILAC PIN Come Inside

Sleek and a tad on the seductive side, LILAC PIN have that winning formula of synths combined with perfectly affected instrumentals, underneath a lass who can wind from a whisper to guttural belting in one breath.

Tessera Skies Droplet

One of the first acts to be released by Newcastle’s latest label, Mono, Tessera Skies’s ‘Droplet’ is Kaleidoscopic minimalism, moulded into a layered song format. If you robbed East India Youth of his programming software and synths, I reckon this wouldn’t be too far off the sound he would come to. I imagine he keeps it all very safe.

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21/12 2014



A transitional orchestral / two-step track from London producer SchulKid featuring 18 year old Belgium singer Valair. From an opening of (synthetic) pizzicato strings, come layers of hearty vocals and further tremolo strings before you get a smack in the face of 2 step beats. And trumpets. And a sort-of afrobeat section. It’s got a lot in it. I’m particularly fond of Valair’s vocal imitation of a muted trumpet. It’s all a bit different, but highly loveable.

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20/12 2014

The Bulletproof Bomb


South London 18 year olds The Bulletproof Bomb are doing alright. Well those people at the Beeb love ‘em, and now everyone else is loving them. They just headlined the Macbeth for one of XFM’s ‘This Feeling’s gigs. So yeah, alright. And with their catchy, mild-skank track ‘Five green Bottles’, there’s little not to hook onto. The sound is a vintage one, with strutting guitars and soft organ synths, yet the vocals are a bit…well, fast. And almost rap. A bit Anthony Kiedis-esque. But with a South London accent.