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30/08 2010

Monday Music – 31 August 2010

Posts still sporadic – still getting my act together.  Bear with me.  Here’s my favourite songs this week:

Museum of Bellas Artes – Who Do You Love? (mp3)
Signed to Force Majeure and due at White Heat in a few weeks, this Stockholm trio have put in an early bid for cover of the year via this reprise of The Sapphires’ little-known Motown song from 1964.  Relentless beats, glossy synths and moreish vocals combine to prove summer’s not through with us yet…

YouTube Preview Image

Still Corners – Endless Summer (mp3)
…as does this effort from the hotly-tipped Londoners.  Sounding like a witches’ spell for the senses, this is whimsical hallucination-pop designed for empty stares into deep blue skies.

YouTube Preview Image

Zola Jesus – Sea Talk (mp3)
Just climb up to a rooftop, stretch your arms out wide, feel the wind, and fly fly fly away…

YouTube Preview Image

Freelance Whales – Hannah (mp3)
The FWs specialise in pretty lines about trivial episodes, sung in glorious, folky euphoria.  For example: “Hannah takes the stairs ’cause she can’t tell that it’s a wiiiiiiiiinding spiral-case”.  Magic.

YouTube Preview Image

Small Black – Photojournalist (mp3)
I rarely remember my dreams, my journey to that world, but the little scraps I do retain are much like this slice of haunted pop: groggy, discomforting, lonely, and full of subverted, out-of-focus voices prior to a sudden, bereft, awakening.

YouTube Preview Image



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  1. Catherine
    31/08 2010

    Loved ‘Hannah’, although not exactly thrilled with the video. ‘Who do you love’ was also a good one. ‘Photojournalist’ reminds me a bit of modest mouse. Also, if you dream like that, I fear they may be drug induced. Better lay off that terrible red wine sir.

  2. ripamel
    1/09 2010

    I’ll tell Waitrose you said that. Thanks for the comment, and you’re dead right about the Modest Mouse echo, listening to it again, if a bit less slackery…

    PS: The FWs are playing at Water Rats tonight and there are still tickets I think. I have waited so long to sing loud and proud about spiral staircases and generators. See you there maybe!

  3. Catherine
    2/09 2010

    Wish I had seen this sooner, however, did manage to download loads of their songs.