Posted in Music | By HarrieM
3/02 2012

Jono McCleery

Before I start, I would just like to say…I wrote this here blog entry yesterday, but the CMS we use decided to just…lose it. Which is great, considering the hours (1 whole hour) I had put into it (maybe half hour, but still, it’s frustrating). What you are reading is a tribute.

Oh look, another pretty, beardy man with a guitar. BORING.
Or…is he? This is no ordinary pretty, beardy man with a guitar. Signed to the Ninja Tune label (who count the likes of Bonobo, Dels and Slugabed on their roster), Jono McCleery could never be ordinary. With his cover of Wonderful Life, Mr McCleery dares to go blacker than Black, with a deep electronic backing, and a distorted marimba sound one associates with the original. It’s quite a soothing track, which is probably down to Jono’s smooth, oaky voice – like a smoking Chris Martin. As in cigarette smoke, not actual fire smoke. If you see Chris Martin ‘fire’ smoking, please put him out. And once you’ve put him out, tell him to do some less moany, repetitive stuff. It’s getting dull, Chris.