Posted in Music | By Richard Mellor
8/02 2012

Veronica Falls – My Heart Beats

I sit on the train reading my book for nearly an hour, lost inside the engrossing plot and heightening drama.  The carriage fills and empties, but I’m only dimly aware of it.  But finally I look up, and there she is: the girl of my dreams, staring at me with an intrigued look, head slightly cocked, sunlight on her cheek, the startings of a smile on her face, a stray lock of hair fallen over her eyes.  For once I can gaze back, not nervous, and it feels like time and sound have been suspended for a glorious instance, and it feels inexplicably significant and goodly.  I smile and she smiles and Veronica Falls‘ summery, sweet-sounding new single comes on in my ear, and yes, the world feels pretty perfect right now.

My Heart Beats by Veronica Falls



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