Posted in Music | By Richard Mellor
31/05 2012

Felix’s Machines

Felix Thorn is a sodding genius.  I’ll say that again later, so we’re all clear.  Why is he a sodding genius?   Here’s why: because, operating as Felix’s Machines, he single-handedly makes crazy gizmos, gadgets and sculptures that specifically play the music he pre-programmes into them – and light up and look amazing while so doing.  It’s part-music, part-art installation, and totally spellbinding.  The music is surprisingly (sorry Felix, I did doubt you, foolishly forgetting my opening line here) excellent, too: twitchy, compelling, soundtrack-style stuff that’ll get you through any homework, train ride or ketamin comedown.  Actually, maybe scrap that last one – could end badly.  Anyway, time to recap: Felix Thorn is a sodding genius.  Agree?  Good.

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