Posted in Music | By Richard Mellor
3/07 2012

Halls – Swan (Nobody Wants To Know)

I take a deep breath, then sit up suddenly, turn on the bedside lamp and face her.  I did it on purpose, I say.  I didn’t trip, there was no stumble, no accident.  I just pushed him; I pushed him on purpose because I wanted to be with you.  Because I love you.  Don’t you see I did it for you? I whisper all this intently, tears thrashing down my cheek, words pouring out like angry fizz from a violently shaken coke bottle.  But she says nothing, she reacts not one bit, because she’s still asleep, and really I knew so all along.  I frown, and turn off the light, and lie down again and it’ll all be better in the morning.  (Halls)



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  1. 4/07 2012

    MEGA song!

    Great blog too, mind if I link to it from my (newly started) blog?

  2. Richard Mellor
    4/07 2012

    Course not – please do; and thanks very much for the praise. We love praise. Gosh, we love praise…