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27/08 2012

Monday Music – 27 August 2012

Monday Music’s the one weekly post wherein Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule

Cave Painting
– So Calm
What happens if you a place an indie band in a deep freeze? Death. But if you imagine it, rather than actually doing it, I like to think they’d sound like our Brighton friends’ latest release So Calm. Check out what Richard had to say about them last year.

Sharks Took The Rest – Rename The Planets
What happens if you attach spark plugs to the Polyphonic Spree? Inevitably some of the members will die (RIP), which is handy if you want a chamber orchestral pop group like Sharks Took The Rest. For the survivors, the sound they produce will no doubt be electric. Like aforementioned shark-based band. On this occasion, Polyphonic Spree survive.

Arp Attack
– Amnesty
Expect great things for Arp Attack – they’ve supported the likes of Everything Everything and Chew Lips, they’re loved by BBC Introducing and they’ve been scooped up by Hype Music, with whom they’ll be releasing their EP, featuring this drilling number. Rumour has it they’ll be playing Oxjam Camden. But that’s just rumour. Or is it? (It isn’t).

Seasfire - Falling
This Bristolian bunch describe their music as ’4am melancholy, drifting pianos and desolate songs of heartbreak’. A touch bleak, perhaps, but there are some tasty chord progressions for which I’m a glutton. Prozac anyone?

Cheek Mountain Thief – Cheek Mountain
A track like a mille-feuille, it starts with a nice solid base, and above that light layers of pastry and dollops of cream and jam. Then with sugar sweet icing and that weird chocolate-y pattern stuff on top. Like a mille-feuille, Cheek Mountain doesn’t literally have a thousand layers (slight exaggeration there, maître pâtissier). Unlike a mille-feuille, its makers are not from France (although they’re signed to PIAS France), but founding member, Mike Lindsay, is from Britain, currently living in Iceland. They grace our fair isle on 11 September to play at the Southbank Centre.



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  1. RaF
    30/08 2012

    Interesting monday collection – i like Cave Painting & Arp Attack very much! :-)