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29/08 2012

Howl – Happy Valley EP

“There are songs about dreams and songs about love and songs about dying.”  That’s how Howl, aka 18-year-old Josh Banham, describes his new ten-track EP Happy Valley, and, such are the mood changes, from philosophical to chipper, fraught to distraught, that I don’t doubt it.  This is fabulous music: sparse and swirly and ambient at one point, then industrial and scattergun five minutes later.  At different times, it suits bedsit nights, bus rides, first dates, last dates, funfairs, funerals and, yes, falling in love…

Just 20 cD copies of Happy Valley are available via Teen Suicide Cult, and then it’s pay-what-you-want time on Bandcamp.  Remarkably, the EP is Howl’s tenth release in just under two years – see our write-up of his prior output to begin your journey through the back catalogue.  The third song above features Leigh, whom Howl calls “the next very huge thing”, and the last uses an instrumental by Himalayan Headwaters.



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