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23/09 2012


I can’t wait to hear this on Classic FM.  Headed by Josephine Permaul, Josephine is a tenpiece which, in her own words, “fuse classical with hip-hop and rock and consist of a rapper, string trio, drummer, guitarist, bassist, two backing vocalists and myself as the lead classical singer.”  That all equates to swooping aria-style peaks after breathless couplets; an Eminem-like MC giving way to spindly violinettas.  In this age of the mash-up, the project reminds of those too-awkward musical collaborations you sometimes hear about – Lou Reed and a symphony orchestra, or James Brown duetting with Pavarotti – and it’s tempting to pre-dismiss this on those grounds; a bit forced, a bit for-the-sake-of-it; or just poshos trying too hard to be down with the kidz.  But, on the evidence of single Zadok (from the Phoenix EP), a song I find rousing and enjoyable, those assumptions ought to be iced, and an open-minded ear should instead be firmly granted.  See what you think:



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