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13/10 2014

Monday Music – 13/10/2014


Circle – One

Some cheeky electronica from Sydney-based Circle, their new video ‘One’ features Bert and others from the Muppets in human form. Really. (Actually, it’s footage from this film). There’s a two note blip-blop that will stay in your brain FOREVVVEERRRRRRRRR.

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Tei Shi – Bassically

Slow disco jingle jangles from NYC. Lots of grinding bassy…bass, fairly simple synth layers with some Tarzan-style wailing to pack a punch.(via DIY)

Cepasa – NOVE

I won’t pretend to know much about the Ukrainian music scene, but I definitely would not have expected this. I don’t even know where the Ukraine is (my bad), but now I want to know just so I can go find Cepasa and congratulate him on this gift of an album. It’s deep, layered and intricate electronica, with some great sound samples. Just try out opening track ‘Even more’, ‘Keep Me Down’ and trip-hop-esque title track ‘Nove’. BLOODY DO IT.

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10/10 2014

Cat Meat


First of all, I must say, I completely regret googling ‘cat meat’. Don’t do it unless you’re SICK.

Mild trauma aside, I love this Cat Meat. It’s softcore Americana. Eldritch City Dwellers is their latest album, and the whole thing is full of dense textures and wispy, fragile vocals. ‘A House is Not A Motel’ has some really effective string accompaniments, interweaving between vocals and guitar riffs. Instrumental track ‘I Preferred You When You Were Ill’ is very Radiohead – stark, with solo violin and some striking instrumental sound effects, swinging from comfy to eery throughout…it’s good.

They’re joining Glassmaps at Buffalo Bar on Wednesday 15 October.

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8/10 2014

Zena Kitt


I’ve covered Zena Kitt in the past…and she still presents the same pickle. Great vocals with a ‘ten-a-day edge’ to it, excellent production, TERRIBLE LYRICS. My conclusion? She’s employing an angry, pubed-up adolescent to come up with some cliched, and downright odd sentiments.

But ignore the words, and you have yourself some great music. Gun is a great little indie track, with that wistful, delicate kind of guitar playing that bands like Haim overuse. Requiem is a bit William Orbit-esque with it’s deep, dramatic electronica soundscape.

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7/10 2014



I had one of those moments when I heard Kyan live, where I was on my tod in a crowd and wanted to find the nearest person and ask them for a cuddle. Would’ve been weird. But nice. But weird.

There’s some brilliant production to be heard in Kyan’s music, mixing soulful with leaden synths and deep, subtle bass. Here’s his Days in a Triangle EP, but I urge you to listen to the Purple Experiment too. He’s clearly going places, so I’ll just shut up and let him work his magic.

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6/10 2014

Monday Music – 6/10/2014

Monday Music’s the one post where Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule. It’s back, by (un)popular demand.


Pearl Lion – On My Way Home

This is from the Saturday Night Live band guitarist Jared Scharff. He recorded and played everything – if he’s anything more than a one-man-band live, then I’ll be disappointed. There’s no lyrics, it’s *quite* repetitive, but it’s a great no brainer track. He’ll be releasing two EPs, “Light” & “Dark”, sometime. No one knows when.


Soft Bones – Tiny Arms Of Tyrannosaur

Soft Bones is originally from Dublin, but currently resides in Montral where he’s no doubt absorbed some of the minimal indie electronica floating about there. This is one cheeky EP, with some bloody unusual soundscapes. Very impressive Mr. Bones.


The Yetis – Warm California

Ahhh, Vintage sounds from Pennsylvania. They write:

“The titles sound quite summery but the songs themselves remind us of a freezing snowy winter, dreaming of exotic beaches and palm trees in a garage attic. We actually had to warm our hands in front of a kerosene heater just so we could play guitar.”

Feel the warmth and energy, and claw desperately at those sunny feelings as Autumn with its blankets, colds and puddles looms.