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9/04 2014

Solomon Grey – Glas/Green

Did you know that Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is the world’s longest coast road?  No?  Me neither!  But you see, that’s the point, that’s the blessed point!  Having extensively recorded on the Emerald Isle before, London duo Solomon Grey were recently commissioned by Tourism Ireland to produce songs capturing the sounds, essence and so on of said scenic throughfare, and thus help promote it.  And look, by jove it’s working – even this London music blog is turning into a bloody travel agent.

The free EP, which is called Dathanna, is headed by the suitably atmospheric track above.  There’s also a video documenting Dathanna‘s creation on, including a Galway songstress performing a traditional Oirish love song.  For more on the artists themselves, check out this previous post on Solomon Grey.

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8/04 2014

Gold Spectacles – Steal You Away

by sergey neamoscou

You know how sometimes you don’t realise how much you’re unexpectedly enjoying something until it’s almost over?  A book, a walk beside a river, a coffee you can no longer buy.  That’s the way it is for me with this oh-so-pleasant debut release by ‘baroque-pop’ duo Gold Spectacles.

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7/04 2014

Monday Music – 7 April 2014

Monday Music’s the one post where Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule.

Liphemra – Bandaid
‘Rip me like a bandaid, its okay, cos you’re a heavyweight, and I can’t feel much else anyway.’  Awesome.  Liphemra is an LA-based vocalist/drummer; Bandaid comes from mixtape Part 3, all self-produced bedroom recordings.

Roosevelt – Small Hours (John Martyn cover)
I hate it when people make you feel bad for being busy, for not having much free time when they know it’s genuine.  They’re just hurting.  Fuck that, that’s not cool.

Craft Spells – Breaking The Angle Against The Tide
Craft Spells’ long-awaited return, triumphant thanks to this joyous, sweeping single.  An album‘s due in June.

Warpaint – Disco/Very
Warpaint are wonderful because they don’t keep to the book; they don’t even own the book, know it exists.  Disco/Very, from their second, self-titled album, proves the point with its strange structure and off-kilter melodies.  It sounds mad, bad, brilliant.  The song’s now accompanied by a great video which sees the girls in stomping gang mode; in fact, it’s a double video, with the softer Keep It Healthy tacked on for good measure.
YouTube Preview Image

Stacey – Calling Me (YDID remix)
Earlier tonight there was loads of blood in my mouth, like I’d been punched.  But I hadn’t been punched and nothing hurt and nothing seemed to be bleeding.  It just started and then it stopped, like a lot of things in my life at the moment.  It came and went.  It happened, and then it stopped happening.  It was and then it wasn’t.

(This remix is part of the STACEY (Reconstruction) EP, in which the Toronto singer allows her previous effort to be remixed by YDID and Style of Tigers)

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6/04 2014

Traces – A Place To Call A Home

Heading down the escalators, I happened to glance across to the other side, at the people going upwards.  A old man in a peanut butter-coloured tweed suit was staring straight at me; as our eyes met, he smiled faintly and nodded.  I reached the bottom and headed along the corridor walking fast, in a hurry for no reason at all.  As I ran down the last set of stairs, a train’s arrived on the platform and I got on, gleeful.  The old man was sat in a seat, smiling at me still.

Traces are a producer/songwriter duo based in Guildford (pah, it’s almost London), who combine elements of electro production with live instrumentation and vocals.  Featuring Laura Perkins, A Place To Call A Home hails from imminent debut EP Stutter.  It starts off tender and fragile, before entering choppier, more urgent seas.

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3/04 2014

William Arcane – Reflected EP

I like the name William Arcane.  It’s an excellent mixture of mundane and mysterious; an innocent, probably-flanneled Joe (or William) Bloggs flung unwittingly into a world of occultism, ancient lore, witches, wizards, juju, voodoo.  And I like William Arcane’s music, because it fits this anomaly like a blogger’s dream.  Take his new EP, Reflected (on Pictures Music): as William volunteers some geeky, knob-pressing shizz, Arcane conjures up organ-like stammers, abstract vocal echoes that could just as easily be cuckoos as humans, and a general air of what-the-fuck.  And that’s just the title track.

The London-based singer/producer was previously featured on this same blog for songs from his previous EP, Permanence.  If that’s not enough info for you, try Dummy.