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  • Luca Siani

    Earlier today I saw an obviously homeless couple plodding about grimly; the anguish and determination in the man’s much-lined match was exactly matched by the way their hands gripped each other.  There seemed a real sense of reliance; that they could survive together, get where they were going, be okay.  I thought how sadly rare it is to see a relationship between homeless people that doesn’t immediately seem abusive and drug-determined; and I thought, too, of this phlegmatic, spirited and rather elegant instrumental song by London-based Luca Siani, from his debut album Forbidden Latitudes, which will be out in May.

  • Only Real

    He’s from West London – or is it West Jamaica?  Sunkissed, rum-soaked, parasol-friendly… all these adjectives and more suit Only Real, aka 21-year-old Niall Galvin – although he prefers ‘baby music for babies”.  Either way, his debut single Backseat Kissers (out now on ASL), following on from his rougher, earlier-2012 efforts Cadillac Girl and Cinnamon Toast, is the daydreamiest number you’ll hear for months.  It’s the hazy trop-pop equivalent of a winter-sun break t0 Barbados.  Or West Jamaica.  (via Little Indie Blogs and Vice)

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  • Best of 2012

    Here’s SOIWT’s annual playlist of the year, with 30 of the best songs from 2012  All have been featured on this very blog at some point.

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    Nostalgia freaks: for the Best of 2011 playlist, go here.

  • Mato Ica

    Once the family awkwardness was surmounted and the presents opened, Christmas gradually descended into slumber; a two-day slumber of wine, books, brandy butter, new jumpers, jigsaws, jokes, sandwiches, sitcoms, snoozes, scarves, endless cups of tea, hugs and more wine.  Somewhere in this sea of somnolence (I forget exactly when) I listened to Mato Ica‘s new EP, And So We Drove On Towards Death Through The Cooling Twilight, and noted that the title track, in which the  17-year-old teams up with Bristol’s equally prodigious /please/ for a ghost-folk road-trip, perfectly mirrored my mood, or at least the thing which faintly resembled a mood, if only it could be bothered. The second, more irony song less so; the swoony, croony third spot on, again.

  • Filthy Boy

    Signed to Stranger (with a debut due in April), Filthy Boy earlier this year directed the superlative video for King Krule‘s Rock Bottom.  But, if that was good, they’ve now excelled themselves with a hell-raising album track all about wearing pyjamas.  Slightly reminiscent of Nick Cave, Jimmy Jammies (mp3) combines gothic guitars and hair-thrashing choruses with a pantomime-villain feel.  All in all, perfect yuletide fare!

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