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  • Boxed In

    Glitch.  Glare.  Ghettotech.  Samples and synths.  Chillwave, ghostwave, electrowave.  Trancecore, hardcore, speedcore.  Ambient.  Dark ambient.  Post-ambient.  Folktronic.  Funky house.  Italo disco.  Balearic.  Dubstep, darkstep, drumstep… phew.  Sometimes you just want a good old guitar, right?  Yeah man.  Step forward Boxed In, which is mainly Oli Bayston, and this, his/their new single.  Not an acid rave in sight…

    Read more about Boxed In on (the name references a Francis Bacon painting, donchaknow).  And hear the single live at its bass-tastic launch party in Stoke Newington’s The Waiting Room on 2 December.

  • Benin City – Wha Gwan

    Benin City.  So good, so unflinchingly inventive, so daring and so fucking dynamite that they will absolutely, positively, definitively never be played on Radio 1.  Which is probably the best compliment you can pay any musical act.  This is the new single…

  • Sivu – Over & Over

    There’s something about Sivu which keeps me coming back.  His crackling vocals aren’t especially strong, and nor are his lyrics; the arrangements are good, but not earth-shattering, and ditto his songs’ structures. He’s not beautiful.  I enjoyed seeing him live at In The Woods but wasn’t captivated.  Nor was anyone else, it seemed.  And yet, for all this middle-of-the-road-ness, this avalanche of so-so and waterfall of humdrum, I find myself humming Over & Over to myself on this morning’s bus, having played it once, for the first time, the night before.

    Who knows what’s afoot; something here is hugely impressive, but I can’t put my finger on it.  One entirely-separate-but-definitely impressive fact, however, is that Sivu’s more recent song, I Lost Myself, has just been remixed by none other than Cosmo Sheldrake, this blog’s most beloved of recent subjects:

  • Mali Michael – Wild Things

    I turn to my left, then over to my right, before back to my left, and then right again.  I push the quilt down; it’s too hot.  Right, left, right.  I wonder if I’m statistically more likely to sleep on one side; if I actually always fall asleep on one particular side?  Left, right, left, right, left.  I turn the light on, read for a bit, turn it off.  I’m still hot, so take off my t-shirt.  Right, left, right, left, right, left, right.  Read a bit more.  Count sheep.  Deep breathing.  Think of happy things, happy times, Sarah, that goal I scored.  Right, left, right.  Sheep.  Sarah.  That goal.  Left, right.  Sheep.  Left.  Light on – read a bit more.  Light off.  Cold now, t-shirt back on.  Right, left, right, lef– was I asleep just then?  Check the time.  No.  Right, left.  Sarah, sheep, sheep, sheep, Sarah.  Counting Sarahs.  Dating sheep.  Left, right, left, righ

    Mali Michael is a North Londoner with Jamaican, Filipino, German and Welsh roots.  This is his second offering after Ghost.


  • Klak Tik – Fire Souls

    Klak Tik

    In Jennifer Egan’s wondrous novel, A Visit From The Goon Squad, one section includes a young autistic boy called Lincoln who obsesses over pauses in songs; the longer and gutsier they are, the better he likes them.  Lincoln sure would love Fire Souls by Klak Tik, a London-based band formed by Denmark’s Soren Bonke, then, for it boasts two large stops of around five seconds.  Those pauses typify this abstract and fabulously unhurried tune: it fritters along with little care for genre or structure, just sounding effortlessly handsome in an autumnal kinda way.  All in all, a nice teaser for new record The Servants, due out in spring.

    Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!