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  • Becoming Real – Slow Memory

    On an empty tube home I look up and find a heavy-set man staring at me from down the carriage; somehow I have the impression he’s been doing so for a while.  I smile, nervously, but he doesn’t respond at all, and I instinctively look away: out the window, inside my bag, at my toes, anywhere.  “Don’t be scared; stare BACK!” urges my mind, ashamed at my cowardice.  So I quickly do, and the man still has those cool eyes locked on my temple, on the very spot where he quite possibly wants to pop a pair of bullets.  His look is one of stern disapproval; he is the sincere epitome of hatred and disgust.   I hold his gaze for as long as I can, trying to look undaunted, before looking away with a “what a weirdo!  haha!  he’s so not worth my time“-expression written on my face, or so I hope.   A few seconds later, Slow Memory, the chanty, trancy new Becoming Real song to which I’ve been listening, fades out, and I look up once more.  The man isn’t there.  We haven’t stopped at a station, and I wonder if he ever existed at all.

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    Featuring Alice from Sunless ’97, Slow Memory is out on 17 September.  It’s taken from Becoming Real’s new mini-album Solar Dreams/Neon Decay, which is being released via Not Even and is available on iTunes here.

  • Howl – Happy Valley EP

    “There are songs about dreams and songs about love and songs about dying.”  That’s how Howl, aka 18-year-old Josh Banham, describes his new ten-track EP Happy Valley, and, such are the mood changes, from philosophical to chipper, fraught to distraught, that I don’t doubt it.  This is fabulous music: sparse and swirly and ambient at one point, then industrial and scattergun five minutes later.  At different times, it suits bedsit nights, bus rides, first dates, last dates, funfairs, funerals and, yes, falling in love…

    Just 20 cD copies of Happy Valley are available via Teen Suicide Cult, and then it’s pay-what-you-want time on Bandcamp.  Remarkably, the EP is Howl’s tenth release in just under two years – see our write-up of his prior output to begin your journey through the back catalogue.  The third song above features Leigh, whom Howl calls “the next very huge thing”, and the last uses an instrumental by Himalayan Headwaters.

  • Glitches

    New Whitechapel collective (‘bands’ being soooo last year) Glitches are doing a good job of building the hype for their debut single, Leper, which is due on 8 October.  Most recently, they’ve released the free Dust & Shadow (mp3), a  sparkly, urgent, dark dance song in which a rapid keyboard-loop anchors a swirl of high/low vocals, fervent guitars and other digi-beats.  It’s accompanied by a quirky video, the first of a series recorded in Glitches’ studio. And before that there came the more gradual Screwed In A Vice, released back in February, and its captivating and shrieky B-side Epsilon.  October really can’t come soon enough.

  • Born Blonde

    It’s the end of a long, eventful bank-holiday weekend and here’s All I Want To Be, a euphoric sundowner of a rock song, glorious but gentle, from Born Blonde.  If even that’s not chill enough for your tired needs, try Half Alive.  The West London fivepiece have also, very recently, put out a twitchy remix of Alt-J‘s already-very-twitchy Breezeblocks (hear the original here)…

  • King Krule – Rock Bottom

    King Krule – 17-year-old wonderkid Archy Marshall – is terrifically unique.  He’s one of the few artists whose songs you can instantly identify as his, and, despite being only a wisp of a lad, he somehow sings in a sometimes-laconic, often-sincere, always-solemn boomy croon. Accompanying this strange vocal, on new single Rock Bottom – part of a double A-side single along with Octopus out on 24 September via Rinse – come rhythm-and-blues guitar hooks and anxious percussion ambushes. It’s a captivating listen, a song that plain refuses to just play out meekly in the background.  (Make sure to check out King Krule’s previous track, The Noose of Jah City, too, and see him at Electrowerkz on 18 October.)