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  • Oscar – Open Up

    The odd cocktail of cheery jangles and an oh-so-solemn voice exemplifies this ace new tune by Oscar.  A buzzsaw-edged chorus adds still more surprise punch to what’s otherwise a breezy affair; all in all, it adds up to a novel and intriguing arrival.  The summer will apparently bring a full EP; until then, catch Oscar at his own guitar-music night, Damaged Goods, which next takes place at Mascara Bar tomorrow, and includes fellow SOIWT faves Lady Neptune on the bill.  (via Dummy)

  • Mato Ica

    Once the family awkwardness was surmounted and the presents opened, Christmas gradually descended into slumber; a two-day slumber of wine, books, brandy butter, new jumpers, jigsaws, jokes, sandwiches, sitcoms, snoozes, scarves, endless cups of tea, hugs and more wine.  Somewhere in this sea of somnolence (I forget exactly when) I listened to Mato Ica‘s new EP, And So We Drove On Towards Death Through The Cooling Twilight, and noted that the title track, in which the  17-year-old teams up with Bristol’s equally prodigious /please/ for a ghost-folk road-trip, perfectly mirrored my mood, or at least the thing which faintly resembled a mood, if only it could be bothered. The second, more irony song less so; the swoony, croony third spot on, again.

  • SOLO

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    The single best part of running this blog is when aspiring musicians email, and turn out to be (I think) brilliant.  It thrills me, and also reminds me how privileged I am.  That’s the case with SOLO, aka Solomon Major, a Londoner who in his own words produces “an acoustic and synth variation of dream-pop, mainly based on building and layering guitar loops over drum machines.”  And, heck, but this truly is dream-pop: music that floats you off into a mental hammock, music that slows everything down.  When one of SOLO’s songs loops its last, I feel a bit disorientated, as though a sweet reverie has just been abruptly interrupted; and I suspect (though I could be wrong) that this is what it’s like for hedgehogs waking from months of hibernation, or babies, finally leaving their quiet wombs for the hubbub of a hospital room.
    (The songs below are from debut EP Read With Your Eyes Shut, which he says will be out soon.)

  • Jake Hart

    South Londoner Jake Hart told us he thought his new track, What We Are Now, would suit our tastes.  And you know what?  He was…. (this is like one of those really annoying Who Wants To Be A Millionaire moments, where you, and the contestant, want to punch Chris Tarrant’s head in, isn’t it?) … (except it’s not, because we only feature things we like, so it’s sort of obvious I’m about to say ‘right’) … right.  He really was.  It’s jangly, stop-starty, soft, full of rogue charm, catchy, proggy, groggy and generally, I think, great in a sort of rumpled-bedsheets, heroic-hangover way.

    I also like – Jake didn’t see this coming, did he? – his track Let’s Pretend, a more contemplative, fuzzed-out affair, complete with everything from baritones to helium high-pitchery. I’m so pleased he emailed me.


  • Crushed Beaks / Torches split single

    Crushed Beaks, meet Torches.  Torches, meet Cru-…  What’s that?  You two ace London slacker bands already know each other?  You shared a split single three months ago, each covering a song by the other?  Oh what a wonderful world it is sometime…