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  • Santa Of It Was True


    Many PRs, labels and artists have been offering Christmas presents  during Yuletide, but the best of the bunch came from those Swedish mystery maestros jj, who produced Kills, a guns-and-glitter themed mixtape, bursting with their love for US hip-hop.  It’s available on Sincerely Yours here.

  • Happy Christmas / Cosmo Jarvis


    … but life goes on, and now I feel a bit cheerier.  I have plenty of Christmas posts planned – including a Best of 2010 playlist – with my laptop pointedly packed for my festive jaunt to Parentsville.  First of all, though, a fond Merry Christmas to all readers, and here’s an early cracker in the shape of this funny-but-sweet new song from London maverick Cosmo Jarvis.  He’s long been tipped, but perhaps, as play on the last two nights’ Xposure show indicates, his time is finally now.  Let’s hope so.  Yo ho Sebastian.

    YouTube Preview Image
  • Claudia Georgette

    A London songstress telling mundane, urbane stories in a chatty style with kooky arrangements… sound familiar?  Probably yes, and it’s because we’ve been here before: Kate Nash, Speech Debelle, Adele… the list is long.  So what does Claudia Georgette do that her predecessors don’t?  She’s much more theatrical and knowingly middle-class, that’s what.  Where the above minstrels talked of Brixton and Basildon, Claudia’s queuing for Fabric and watching daytime TV.  I’m all for a little flatblock realism, but the Sloanes deserve a voice too - even if, as in this case, that voice comes undermined by a Skins-style tra-la-la sarcasm.  Other factors in Claudia’s favour are that she’s gorgeous, which always helps, and she’s an antiques dealer, which is indisputably brilliant.

    See what you think, anyway… There’s a video and separate download below, but I fully recommend checking out Superstitious Sally on her MySpace - that’s my favourite.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Claudia Georgette - Chat Shows (mp3)

  • The Welcome Committee

    Found on the pioneering Strummerville website’s roster of new bands, Southend duo The Welcome Committee bring a plaintive, philosophical rock to the party, a leaf-falling, tourists-gone-for-the-season sound appropriate in these times of pavement-skating and blizzards.  It’s a bit gritty, a bit bitty and a quite a lot pretty.  Shut the curtains, put on five jumpers and your thickest wool socks, warm up some tomato soup and hole up under that duvet…

    YouTube Preview Image

    The Welcome Committee - The Brave (mp3)

  • The Milk


    Originally plotting to be punksters, Essex quartet The Milk have instead trotted down a modern Motown-kinda-route.  Kinda because they’ve recorded with DJ-remixer Brad Baloo (of The Nextmen fame), and because there’s a little electro funk going down - ”dance kicks, soul snares,” as the band cutely put it.  Now admittedly this isn’t the first white-boy-soul act ever spawned - but songs like All I Wanted Was Danger come laced with the kind of grunt that the Hucknalls of this world can only dream of… Simply Rad, you might say, if you weren’t very funny.

    Listen to The Milk here, with even a Toots & The Maytals cover for free download.  It is Christmas, after all…