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  • Whistlejacket – Melt

    Music serves many roles for me – it can be restorative, sympathetic or soothing.  But the purpose I value most of all is when it’s escapist; when all I want is to run away, and a song  magics a door out of thin air.  ”Step through here,” it says, “leave all that behind for a while,” it says, “stay as long as you want,” it says, “slow down,” it says, and I do, I so gladly do.  This scuzzy, droney, groggy, shoegazey single by emerging London psychs Whistlejacket boasts that blessed quality.  (thanks to Sexbeat)

  • Daniel Avery – All I Need

    I can’t better the Guardian‘s description of Daniel Avery‘s All I Need: according to them, it “subtly and patiently builds up multiple layers of sound, moving from the pulsing beat that makes up the first fifty seconds into a slightly more house-influenced synth riff, before snatches of distorted vocals emerge and submerge at will. Around the five minute mark the whole thing disintegrates briefly, before a drop arrives that should signal a massive rave horn but instead the whole thing just glides calmly to a finishing point.”

    YouTube Preview Image

    The song hails from Avery’s current EP Drone Logic.  Signed to Erol Alkan’s label Phantasy Sound, he also has a main-room residency at Fabric.  Read this excellent interview with Dummy for more on the man.

  • Vision Fortune – XX

    by valeria schettino

    It’s a piffling 1:37 long, and yet still, still, Vision Fortune‘s drone-guitar single is dream-entering and powerful.  God only knows what effect a normal-length song would have.  This one comes from the new album Mas Fiestas con el grupo Vision Fortune, out via Gringo Records and using randomly-ordered Roman numerals as songs names.

  • Meddicine – With You Tonight

    I paint my four bare walls in thick, Rothko-esque daubs of colour: one’s a deep cranberry red, another inscrutable black and a third is a glossy, portentous purple, glistening with mauvish intent.  The last is split in horizontal halves: caramel yellow under a brown, a brown that bears no other adjectives than brown; it’s the brownest brown imaginable.  My prison tinted to my decadent fancy, I then turn on the escapist, jangling incantations of Meddicine‘s With You Tonight (part of a double-A with Vision Fortune‘s ____ on Italian Beach Babes) and spin, spin round faster and faster, spin, spinnning, on, on, a blur, a whirl, a swirl, and the colours mesh into one and I can’t see any of them and I can see all of them, and still the song plays and still I spin and still they mesh and then

  • Drop Out Venus

    Chained to my desk, suddenly it’s all too much, the sameness is too oppressing, and I find I’ve gotten up and walked out the door, hearing nothing, just some far-off buzz, and I’m down the stairs, my loosened tie hanging off, and I push open the door, and consider left or right, but who cares really, so I go left, and I run and run and run and then there’s a bus, and I get on it, and it takes me away, far away, and I know with intense clarity I’ll never come back here.  But then the song stops – it was the fuzz-rock drones of Drop Out Venus – and I open my eyes, and I’m still at my desk, and everyone’s standing around gaping at me with tears streaming down their cheeks.