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  • Wen – Vampin’

    It’s late, so late.  I’m tired, horny, confused, solemn, tired.  I’m happy-sad, sad-happy, a bit too much red wine.  My hair’s a damp mess, my socks all turned around.  I  willingly throw myself, then, into an unwise cauldron of dense grime, garage and dubstep: some mud to get stuck in, some quicksand too strong to fight.  Vampin’ is from Wen‘s album Signals, out now on Keysound and previously previewed here.
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  • ETML

    After he finished studying for my A Levels, the 18-year-old editor of SOIWT loafed around and wondered if he would ever: smoke weed / lose my virginity / be rich.  After finishing studying for his A Levels, the 18-year-old singer, writer and producer ETML released an already-club-classic, Bind Me, that sits easily alongside club-dub legends like Disclosure and Bondax.  The little git.  I bet he’s not still a virgin, either.

  • Disclosure / Burial new stuff

    Two giants of the London electronica scene, Burial and Disclosure, have been busy in recent weeks.  Firstly, Burial released a two-track called Truant which can be purchased for a piffling amount over at Hyperdub.  Both lengthy songs, they’re as fragile and humbling as pretty butterflies.  That diluted saxophone early on in Rough Sleeper particularly thrills me.  Anyway, here they both are:

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    More recently, Disclosure put out a typically choppy rework (mp3) of The Artful Dodger‘s 2000 two-step hit, Please Don’t Turn Me On:

    I actually loved revisiting the original, which is listenable here.

  • Raffertie

    I went to a sampling workshop at South Kilburn Studios a couple of weeks ago. It was an intimate affair (there were three of us) and it was run by Josh of the act Pirate Soundsystem. I learnt all about how you can record sounds with a simple microphone, and then distort and programme to create a  track with your own unique sounds (for example, he created a hi-hat beat from rattling keys). It was great. Well, it would have been if most of it hadn’t gone over my head – my fault for not having read up beforehand. I sat and smiled, nodded when everyone else nodded and asked inane questions at the end, revealing my nescience. What it made me realise is that electronic music producers speak a completely different language. Because I didn’t get it. But it’s almost better that I didn’t get it, because it now holds an ethereal, incomprehensible quality that I can admire and assume is an act of god.

    Based in the same building is ‘composer’ Benjamin Stefanski, a.k.a Raffertie. Signed to Ninja Tune, his latest EP Mass Appeal goes that step beyond comfortable electronica to a far more explorative soundscape, of which I will never understand how its wired. It’s title track Mass Appeal is a touch on the alienating side, with very slow build-ups and expanses of unintelligible samples. It’s certainly no sing-along! But once it gets going, there’s some great ideas happening, and when it all comes together, you’re rewarded with some nourishing sound combinations. Courage Boy is phasic, dipping from dubstep to smooth soul samples, whilst One Track Mind is a minimalist, slow house track. If you like, you should see him headline Huw Stephens’ Presents night at The Social in Soho.

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  • Alby Daniels

    This city can be so damned busy, so frenetic and frustrated and packed and pulsing, and yet sometimes you can feel utterly, hideously lonely.  I had that today walking across Victoria; I realised, suddenly, almost painfully, how alone I felt.  It’s hard to know what to do – rather than talk to someone, my gut instinct is to hide, to burrow deeper and deeper into murky noise, like these woozy songs from rising London star Alby Daniels.  Both are a sort of bleary, bedroom-based dubstep; listening to them makes me feel safely distant and immune, a musical anaesthetic that wears off the moment the last note sounds. Alby’s This Dawn EP is due out on 7 March on Black Acre Records; pre-order here. (via Dazed)

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