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  • Visionist – More Pain

    Sequels are generally confined to cinema – but not always.  Following on from his ghost-in-the-machine beauty Pain – one of this blog’s top ten songs of 2013 – London producer Visionist has put out More Pain.  The same noises figure, but the arena is more claustrophobic and frenetic; times have changed, the plight of the original’s characters has seemingly worsened.  It’s still gorgeous, though.

  • Tirzah – No Romance

    Give this choppy, r’n'b-edged Tirzah single a bit of time and it’ll totally burn into your brain.  No romance, no romance…  In fact, this is so very good that, despite the fact it comes from a Greco-Roman-released EP produced by this blog’s least-favourite artist, Micachu, it’s still getting featured on SOIWT.  That’s the equivalent of Putin purchasing a Pussy Riot album.  Literally, the equivalent.  No romance, no romance…

    The EP, also called No Romance, is due out on 21 April.  See Dummy for more on Tirzah.

  • Mokadem remixes Planningtorock

    One of a series of the title track on Planningtorock‘s new album is by South London-based producer Mokadem.  In her hands, All Love’s Legal becomes a sparse, spacious beast, gone all abstract and metaphysical: it’s like an electro representation of being lost at sea, bobbing along with the occasional glimpse of land or birds, and only a distant sense of time, of when yesterday ended and tomorrow might just begin.  (via Dummy)

  • FKA Twigs x inc.

    Right now I’m pretty much awed by anything FKA Twigs puts out.  On this new nameless track, her sparse trip-hop vocals meet their glassy match in LA brother duo inc.‘s whispered r’n'b sounds.  It’s gentle and graceful; a sublime exercise in restraint.

    YouTube Preview Image
  • We Are Shining

    The name We Are Shining conjures up, for me at least, an abject indie band from an abject Northern town.  They’re not that, happily.  But I don’t truly know what they are, beyond a production duo who make pacy dance songs.  Dance in the sense of electro, but also afrobeat, disco, tribal, house and many other things besides.  I’ve featured Wheel before, but here are the latest two tracks – spot the freaky-deaky knife-dodging:

    YouTube Preview Image