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  • Palmistry – Lil Gem

    by jacqueline harriet

    Saturday slumber.  It’s cold and I don’t want to go out, I want to stay in, I want to stay in and listen to Palmistry.  I want to stay in and listen to Palmistry tracks like Lil Gem (clue’s in the name), which has a bit of an Oriental feel, a bit of a vaporwave feel and a lot of a sedative, seductive vibe.  Especially loving those tinny keys.

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  • Phondupe – Proxy

    A duo for whom Sydney, NYC and London are all bases, Phondupe have released a new track, Proxy, which positively struts along before exploding in a orgiastic cacophony of bells.  Genre-wise, the song sets up camp somewhere between electro, blues and jazz, all the while making clear it doesn’t really care for such lazy categorisations.  (via Happy)

  • The Haxan Cloak

    SOIWT’s also playing catch-up when it comes to The Haxan Cloak.  Real name Bobby Krlic, a Yorkshireman moved to London, he’s the creator of serially sinister electro.  This is the sound of hell, of places you don’t want to admit exist: a world of whipcracks, interminably-grinding machinery, crackles, creaks, clicks and clangs; a dense sonicscape that’s as immersive as music gets.  But there’s beauty down here too – e.g around the four-minute mark of Excavation, when a haunting melody kicks in amongst the swirl.

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  • Kaleida – Tropea

    Club music has undergone many changes this year, from the break-out of footwork to a grander, intense sound championed by the likes of Mount Kimbie.  One vaguer trend has been the emergence of various instances of an after-club tone: Dummy described Future Brown’s debut song nicely as “built from the wreckage of superclub dance” and there’s a similar post-something vibe to Kaleida‘s latest track, Tropea.  At once classical pop and d’n'b-influenced minimalism, the song sees a stream of funky ripples and bubbles blown out over siren vocals and subdued synths; and it feels to me like a moment when the lights have been turned on and everyone’s gone home, but still you dance on, not yet ready for bed.

    Kaleida comprises Christina Wood on vocals and Cicely Goulder on keys and production (thanks to Ladywood for that nugget).  Tropea is a new offering following on from the tinnier, fuller sounds of previous tune Think.

  • Daniel Avery – All I Need

    I can’t better the Guardian‘s description of Daniel Avery‘s All I Need: according to them, it “subtly and patiently builds up multiple layers of sound, moving from the pulsing beat that makes up the first fifty seconds into a slightly more house-influenced synth riff, before snatches of distorted vocals emerge and submerge at will. Around the five minute mark the whole thing disintegrates briefly, before a drop arrives that should signal a massive rave horn but instead the whole thing just glides calmly to a finishing point.”

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    The song hails from Avery’s current EP Drone Logic.  Signed to Erol Alkan’s label Phantasy Sound, he also has a main-room residency at Fabric.  Read this excellent interview with Dummy for more on the man.