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  • Chad Valley – Real Time

    Ah, Chad Valley, it’s been a while, far too long really.  But here you are again with those sugar-sweet, bleached electro vibes to which I’m so partial.  The perfect lie-me-down (the opposite of a pick-me-up) after a happy evening on the tiles.  Play it again?  Why not…

  • Gent Mason

    Much of this weekend was spent hangover: a yawny, uncertain land of forgotten chores and poor fashion choices.  Gent Mason‘s stuff – a mellow, ghost-in-the-machine electro with murmured vocals - is the perfect soundtrack for such times.

  • Real Lies

    If you assembled some Balearic DJs and a few tousle-haired ’90s indie bands together in a studio, forced them to put down all their pills, pedals and picks, and fairly demanded they make a record utilising both their sounds… well, if you did that, Real Lies‘ debut (out 4 November via new label Sweet Exile) is pretty much what it would likely sound like.  That’s my lumpy attempt to describe the sound, anyway; the excellent PR for this one simply calls it “baggy”, which is undeniably perfect, as well as potentially a whole new sub-genre in the making.

    YouTube Preview Image
  • Jungle

    On the bus home tonight, I saw a man stumble out of an establishment, disoriented, bleary.  But the building was a church, not a bar, and he had the wide-eyed look of revelation, not drunkenness.  It was as though he’d lost and found his bearings all at once: located a paradise he was at once deeply troubled by.  Sitting in my room later, listening to new duo Jungle’s slow, sumptuous electro-soul and staring sadly at the girl I desperately adore but cannot have, I feel the same bemusement, the same happy/sad, the same uncertainty of emotion.  I love being around her, absolutely thrill at it, but in the end it just makes things worse, makes me a little glummer each time.

  • The Hics

    Summer’s over: today in London it’s all umbrellas, collars turned up, sloshing, puddles, shivery stairwells, nails on the windowpane, foggy car lights, red cheeks.  It’s decidedly a time for candles and cosy music.  For the former, SOIWT’s tip is Muji; for the latter, The Hics, a sixpiece whose soft, subdued electro-folk sound and sudden, sweeping harmonies are the perfect tonic.  Get them playing, make yourself a cuppa, put on your biggest jumper and burrow deep under that duvet.  We’ve only got eight months of this to come…