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  • Astral Pattern

    I feel a little dazed.  When I meet someone good, my world gets blurry; my attention span is minimal and my mind dances skittishly all over the place, far too excited to stand still, a moth lost in a land of blinking lights.  I’m forgetting chores, leaving the oven on, not phoning my Mum back.  I’m a mess – but a happy, giddy mess.  In the end, the best thing is to sit quietly in an empty corner, legs pulled up to my chest, chin resting on knobbly knees, and listen to some electro-edged dream pop.  Astral Pattern, a trio who used to be SCUM, fit the bill; their spacious debut EP, Light Poems (out now via 37 Adventures), provides a suitably pretty ride back down to earth.

  • Luxury

    I close my eyes and remember children chasing trains, a lover shaking her head, family holidays in the Lake District, hat-trick goals, alcopops swigged on park swings, cassette singles. I see a motorway battle of raindrops and windscreen-wipers; and hands raised in a classroom, the shock of chalk on blackboard. I sigh at people I miss, and shudder at others I don’t. Strange are the daydreams stirred up by the atmospheric music of Luxury, aka 22-year-old Andy Smith from West London – a spacey dance sound with diluted vocals. He’s being promoted by the ace Teeth Records, part of their “never-ending quest to acquire enough revenue to release actual records again.” Here’s hoping they get there.

  • Swing Delux – Light Sleeper

    by anthony samaniego

    Downtempo electronica producer Swing Delux returns (see previous) with a new, full record: Light Sleeper has ten tracks, verging from the vocal-boosted and faintly-dancey (Monaco, the first single, and Triple Water, a beautiful former single) to the wholly sparse and spectral (Rowe), all ghost-in-the-machine voices and pretty digi-constellations.  Along the way, some sounds are achingly familiar, thin memories buried deep in the vault.  These are my two personal favourites:

  • Ghost Eyes – Scarecrows EP

    by nick sitton

    Paranoia, Eastern Orientalist pop, electro and house-party: these four genres form an unlikely, unholy, unnerving alliance on Ghost Eyes‘ latest EP, Scarecrows.  The stand-out single, Lost In The Woods (see a blog about the video here) is accompanied by three other jaffas – more subdued, but no less shadowy or spectral.

  • Enjoyed

    Finally I have a day off and there’s so much to do – wash my clothes iron my shirts look at furniture on ebay clean the car phone my sister vacuum get some groceries transfer some money clear out the cupboard change the air scent retune the TV – but instead I just sit there, a ghoul, listening to Enjoyed, listening to how his house/Italo/electro music expands in ever-new directions, how it slowly comes to understand the world.

    The Hampshire/London-based Enjoyed, aka Peter Evans-Pritchard, has a debut record, Pieces, out on Something In Construction, with a full album due in the summer.  Catch him meantime at the Queen of Hoxton on 30 March.