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  • Don Junk – Eyes Shut

    by laurence von thomas

    Just another stunned Sunday.  Throwing up, coming down.  Lying still.  Some TV.  Tea after tea after tea.

    Don Junk is John Dunk: a 20-year-old London-via-the-Lake-District music-maker currently studying at Goldsmiths.  Which has an excellent union bar, if you’re interested.

  • Burial – Rival Dealer EP

    As is their wont, Hyperdub suddenly dropped a Burial EP today, called Rival Dealer.  There are three songs, including a typically-murky, ten-minute title track.

    YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
  • Cosmo Sheldrake

    Listening to the 23yo Cosmo Sheldrake must be what it’s like to attend a pagan festival on MDMA; a bug-eyed, logic-less dystopia of maypoles, mis-steps and madness.  It’s like being touched on the back by someone continuously, whirling around after them but never catching up, never catching up, catching up never, up catching never, never up never catching, never never land.  When the music finally stops, I’m a manic, tousled mess who’s not totally sure which is north and which is south.  But I’m happy, I’m panting and I’m happy.

    That’s The Fly, anyway.  Rich is an entirely different, gentler beast.  Over a lo-fi babble of claps, clicks and crackles, an innocent chanteuse hums and sings; she’s like a siren in a dark, seedy club full of desperate old men, an unexpected angel capable of inspiring a little faith in all us heathens.  She’s our last chance, our ticket out of here, our lottery win; but we can’t move, we’re tongue-tied and leg-locked, we’re stuck to the spot because we know deep down she’s too good for us, that we’d only demean and cheapen her.

    Many more Sheldrake adventures are available via Soundcloud, including a recent Daytrotter session.  Catch him also at Birthdays on 12 November.

  • Bayou

    Just relax, alright?  Be cool.  Be cool and listen to a little Bayou.

    (Buy Varsity Jacket from Colette) (via Trendland)

  • William Arcane

    There’s something exultant about William Arcane‘s Not The Only One: listening to it leaves me light-headed and grateful as I consider all the good things in my world; leaves me thrilling at the fine and glassy and elegant sounds it weaves, all of them awfully pleasant on the lords and peers.  Along with the also-great and choppier Want Somebody, it comes from the Permanence EP, which is out on 10 June via Pictures Music.