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  • The Haxan Cloak

    SOIWT’s also playing catch-up when it comes to The Haxan Cloak.  Real name Bobby Krlic, a Yorkshireman moved to London, he’s the creator of serially sinister electro.  This is the sound of hell, of places you don’t want to admit exist: a world of whipcracks, interminably-grinding machinery, crackles, creaks, clicks and clangs; a dense sonicscape that’s as immersive as music gets.  But there’s beauty down here too – e.g around the four-minute mark of Excavation, when a haunting melody kicks in amongst the swirl.

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  • Itcouldhappentoyou – South Africa Intersection

    guillaume kurkdjian

    I love how each song is a listener’s play-dough, ready to be interpreted a million different ways.  As I trip along to Itcouldhappentoyou‘s latest – a fragmented, soulful slice of distorted, industrial-type noises that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Requiem For A Dream score - the recurrent to-and-fro sounds cause me to imagine a couple talking animatedly.  I lend them characteristics: he is brief and bruised, and she more emotive and frenzied.  It’s a crisis talk, and it’s a shame, for they finish each other’s sentences and clearly have a rapport.  But the moment is tense, critical, the climax of a longstanding problem.  They’re interrupted by the phone ringing, tart chimes that both try to ignore, and distracted by the rattlesnake-like presence of a mystery third party, a would-be homewrecker hovering in the wings.  In the end they row above the carping phone, but all feels increasingly fraught and the ending, a final sly rattle from the intruder, doesn’t bode well at all.

  • Vision Fortune – Night Jukes

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    Purveyors of the most demented sound this side of the loony bin, Vision Fortune‘s latest EP Night Jukes provides more captivating atmospherics: perma-throbbing guitars, monotone vocals and seditious drums that together form an arsenal of blurry meanders.  It’s like a rock version of witch house – possibly (but probably not) explaining why the third song is simply called Drag (drag being another name for witch house).  The raw opening track Heavy Saddles is my fave, though: it’s a spellbinding story of how one hook can carry a whole song…

  • Peepholes – Caligula EP

    photo by Alphan Nukan

     is the title-track from London duo Peepholes‘ latest EP, out via Upset The Rhythm.  Calmer than some tunes on the record, it nevertheless ascends gradually – but unstoppably – to a psychedelic, panicked plane, a place where the sun never shines and our mortality can no longer be ignored.  And yet, for all that it’s fraught, there’s also a beauty here: the beauty of honesty, of abandoning excuses.

    Picture The World In Signs plots a similar path, but without the histrionics: instead it comes with a Prozac-ed mollification, as if heard at a distance or via a dream.  Including the industri-hell finale, it has the quality of those revelations you have just as sleep comes; desperately you try and grasp them, and resist the fatigue, but it’s a losing battle and they slip away, enigmatic and free.

    Ghostliest of all is Moon Gangs‘ remix of Tunnels, a musical child run away from home, never to return.

  • Figures

    pic by LBC Burns

    Some days I just hate the world: I hate the way my door creaks in the morning, the way the shower scalds me.  I hate those fucking gits who push in front of me on the train, and I despise the ticket machine that doesn’t let me through, making me miss the bus.  I hate the policemen who arrests me after I kick the ticket gate to shit, and I hate him even more after he falls over in front of me, blood streaming out of his broken nose.  I hate the people screaming, spitting, salivating, dripping their cusses at me as I weave off, and I hate whatever fucking god it was who put me here, who made it rain, who made this city so perfectly dismal.  I hate the dreary, hopeless colour of the water below the bridge I find myself on, and I hate myself most of all for giving in to all this hideousness, for being so angry, for not being able to resist that beckoning water for a second longer…

    (this strange prose was inspired by Counting Frequencies, the brilliant new EP from London production duo Figures, all down-tempo, industrial house; available here.)

    Counting Frequencies by Figures