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  • Heavy Heart

    Listening to these two sleepy, trance-like songs by London’s Heavy Heart feels like being adrift in a murky electronic sea that’s thick with regret.  The waves aren’t too strong and you’re a decent swimmer, but at the same time there’s obviously no way this will end well; the weight of broken dreams, lost lovers and forever-unsaid truths is going to drag you down soon enough.  But the revelation of sinking, of an imminent and unavoidable end to all this, brings in itself a surprising peace: the ultimate painkiller, the definitive argument-winner.
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  • Real Life

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    Sometimes I hate Oxford Circus – everybody going everywhere, no-one stopping, too much rushing, too many ways to look, too much hubbub by far.  But tonight it slowed, it all paused briefly, and I had a magical moment.  Will more magical moments follow?  I hope so.

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    (More – what more there is – on Real Life here and here.)


  • Melodica, Melody + Me

    Brixton sextet Melodica, Melody + Me have been on the radar for yonks – check out this ‘New Band of the Day’ plug on from August 2010 – but without lift-off and also without (pretty much the same thing) a SOIWT blog.  The latter is here now, and the former may follow thanks to new song Imperfect Time.  Unlike the phlegmatic breakthrough song Piece Me Back (the first video below) and reggae-tinged Runaway (the second), this new single - once more graceful folk-pop spiced up with a charango (a South American ten-string lute) – is more outgoing and immediately beguiling.

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  • Echo Lake – Pete Hayes

    As I said while recording our radio show earlier, it’s sad that it takes a death to prompt me into blabbing about Echo Lake‘s lustrous dream pop.  But that’s what happened – the extremely sad and untimely (at age 25) death of drummer Pete Hayes has jerked me into a long overdue post about this talented lot, and their soothing, spooked music, all coasting keyboards and thick wisps of electro smoke.  The early signs are the band will continue, which is great news.  In memory of Pete, money will go to the British Heart Foundation; a Just Giving page dedicated to him exists here. We’d like to politely send our condolences to Echo Lake, and to pals and relatives of Pete.  The man was good…

    The three tracks below, including the title-track, are from Echo Lake’s debut, Wild Peace, out now via No Pain In Pop.

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  • Monday Music – 25 June 2012

    Monday Music’s the one weekly post wherein Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule.

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    Bos Angeles – Pretend For You
    The last few days have been bad, and the secret, as ever, as usual, is to go hide in my head, hide so deep and far and murky that no-one’s finding me, no-one can be shitty to me here, no-one can be precious or ridiculous, no-one can shout at me…

    Wildcat! Wildcat! – Mr Quiche
    … but then I feel better, I re-enter the world and it’s all sun, shakers, smiling and I want to tell everyone about it…

    Heavenly Beat – Messiah
    … and on and on it goes, happier and happier.  (Heavenly Beat’s the solo project of Beach Fossils bassist John Peña; this sundowner dream is the third track from forthcoming album Talent, out 24 July.)  (via Sexbeat)

    Husband – Dear Down
    Simple lo-fi, shoegazey goodness from the Italian (boo!) duo, easily digestible and majestically tuneful.

    The Attic Project – Narayan Alone
    The Attic Project is Angus Nisbet, a 19-year-old Manchester-based producer with a current release via Slime Recordings.  He calls his stuff “Hindi-step”, done “mostly in a Breaks style, with oriental, future garage and cinematic influences”, and that all sounds about right.  What it is too is blissful: a sensational hug, the best shower you ever had, or one of those rare moments when you feel utterly, truly content.