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  • Heavy Heart

    Listening to these two sleepy, trance-like songs by London’s Heavy Heart feels like being adrift in a murky electronic sea that’s thick with regret.  The waves aren’t too strong and you’re a decent swimmer, but at the same time there’s obviously no way this will end well; the weight of broken dreams, lost lovers and forever-unsaid truths is going to drag you down soon enough.  But the revelation of sinking, of an imminent and unavoidable end to all this, brings in itself a surprising peace: the ultimate painkiller, the definitive argument-winner.
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  • Slime – Increases II EP

    I’m either in love, or I’ve got bad wind… either way, Slime‘s latest EP is causing movements in my digestive tract. Richard’s already fallen for Lean Over, while I’m mostly bouncing to Anni, a driven track with a tip-toeing double bass riff throughout, layered with haunting saxophone and melting synth chords. Bruised features Tamara Qaddoumi’s crystaline vocals, floating above a trip-hop beat and jazzy sax interjections, whilst Cat Bells is a slow jam that traverses the extremes from dark accordion to spangly light harp and soulful outbursts. Slime strikes a resemblance to Bonobo, and is clearly as excellent an instrumentalist / producer. My love for him increases. For the second time. Increases II, one might say. What’s the name of the EP again? Download it from iTunes here.

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  • Monday Music – 2 July 2012

    Monday Music’s the one weekly post wherein Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule.

    Tango In The Attic – Easybones (Inspired Flight remix) (mp3)
    Scottish indie-pop-men Tango In The Attic have been glazed over by San Diegan producer Inspired Flight. This lo-fi bad boy takes you through the motions, starting with a Portishead-esque entry, with even some Steve Reich / Music for 18 Musicians blended in, before cracking into some Hed Kandi beats.

    A Sol Mechanic – Video Game Girl
    You’re on a London night bus, on your tod and sober. You pick up the edgy, angry types in Camden, before making your way to Soho to gather up the remains from the meat market, with their what-was-pristine Cheryl Cole get-up, now slipping and covered in sweat. This is all mixed with a few loud Australians and weird, beardy loners. There’s a bloke tucking into his chicken cottage assortment, a girl puking into her hands and a gay couple feeling each other up on the back seat. And you? You’ve got your headphones in, staring straight ahead and wishing the drunk bloke next to you would stop dribbling on your shoulder.

    Mr Troy – Names & Numbers (mp3)
    Monsieur Troy (he’s like, WELL French) catering for your Sunday evening chill-out needs.

    Moby – Flower (TYR remix)
    Two Moby-based finds this week. Firstly, this fantastic ditty by Adam Buxton. Secondly, a dubstep take on Moby’s Flower by 18 year old Grant Redmond, a.k.a. TYR. It’s Norwegian innit. Though he’s from Las Vegas.

    So I’ve had my Moby-fill. In case you were concerned.

    Kissed Her Little Sister - I Ain’t Got A Friend
    Wholesome goodness from Los Angeles, or, to be more specific, Jeffrey Morisano. Simple, yet so brilliant, this is a bit like the pleasure you get from finding a quid tucked down the back of the sofa, or being able to drink two-week-old milk. It’s spiritual; the focus is on the tune, but there’s anthemic hip-hop beats, jazz saxophone and double bass. And it’s all the work of one man.  Jeffrey.

  • No Colour – Stranger

     No Colour‘s Stranger is the musical equivalent of spilling coke on a packet of skittles and leaving them in the sun…you can’t quite tell where a green skittle ends and a yellow skittle starts as they sort of clump together, but you know that as soon as you put it into your mouth, you’re going to taste that ruddy rainbow.  These chaps put on their own night Agree in the Dark, the next of which will be taking place this Sunday (1 July) at the Griffin.

  • Real Life

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    Sometimes I hate Oxford Circus – everybody going everywhere, no-one stopping, too much rushing, too many ways to look, too much hubbub by far.  But tonight it slowed, it all paused briefly, and I had a magical moment.  Will more magical moments follow?  I hope so.

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    (More – what more there is – on Real Life here and here.)