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  • Mellor

    There are two ways to get featured on SOIWT:
    1) Have a really great song.
    2) Name yourself after me.
    Being extra efficient, Mellor (my surname) have ticked both boxes.  I like to think they named themselves after me, anyway.  They probably didn’t.  Ruby Love is their fourth single, and a genuinely catchy bundle of fun.

  • Pawws – Sugar

    A good one to go to bed on – sweet and soft.  Pawws will be huge, mark these words.

    Sugar is the title track from Pawws’ – aka London-based talent Lucy Taylor – debut EP, out 16 June via Best Fit Recordings.

  • Astronauts – Skydive

    Sometimes I daydream of some rose-tinted future, and imagine life with a wife.  We read books leaning back-to-back; we walk through empty wildflower meadows and laugh happily on the most boring supermarket expeditions.  We undo other’s shoes and take it in turns to make dinner.  It all sounds a lot like this bleary, bleepy, bloody lovely number by Astronauts.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Skydive is Astronauts’ debut single – Astronauts being Dan Carney, previously of alt-folkers Dark Captain.  It’s taken from forthcoming debut record Hollow Ponds.  The video, a medley of Super 8mm images shot at Hampton Court, is by London-based artist and filmmaker Michelle Deignan.

  • Flamingods – Hyperborea


    One of my favourite London acts over the years, the endlessly-creative and unique Flamingods have a new album out, and here’s the title track, with a Nepal-filmed video.  As usual it’s a charming blend of Middle Eastern (Bahranian, specifically), African tribal influences, helter-skelter oddness and electro/dance.  Words can never express how much I admire this lot.

    YouTube Preview Image
  • The Night VI – Wonderlust

    Amazing when new music sounds instantly timeless.  Wonderlust is the new single from pop sixpiece The Night VI, picking up from first single Sienna, which is also below.  The new song will be released on 22 July via Duly Noted, and there’s a celebratory live show at Hackney’s Oslo before then on 18 June.