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  • Honours – Bulletproof


    Before I go on to say how I think this is a catchy, nay, a good song, I must acknowledge how much effort must’ve gone into the video…So I feel a touch bad when I say it’s a bit like an out-of-sync Peter Gabriel rip-off, with everyone’s new favourite shape, triangles (Sesame Street could really cash-in on that crowd). On a serious note, there are hexagons and cuboids.

    But yes, it’s something to dance to, and I imagine that hearing it live, you would struggle to keep very still…not a track to play sleeping lions to. I imagine that’s why it’s recorded to sound very much like a live performance. My ears are pricked, and interested to hear what’s yet to come…

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  • Projected Images – Ellie


    This one…it has boyband potential, but ruddy hell it’s catchy, and there’s some great guitar / bass riffing about 3/4 way through. I’m also loving the usage of tubular bells (not Mike Oldfield, he’s nowhere to be seen). This is Projected Images and they launched their self-titled EP…Projected Images…at the Sebright Arms over the Summer. They describe themselves as ‘an alternative rock outfit, but one that springs from someplace between present day London and the college towns of late eighties USA’. Which fits. They’re not doing anything new, but it’s likeable.

  • Glassmaps – My Head My Heart


    A great new electro-spiritual (new genre) from Glassmaps. Originally from Australia, now resident in London, this new song from Joel Stein is plaintive and stark to start, building to Radiohead-esque massiveness in the refrain. You can catch him in the Islington area next month at Buffalo Bar, where he appears to be residing for a while…

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  • Some of it was over…? Or was it?! It wasn’t…


    Wipe away those tears now, SOIWT fans, this blog has life in it yet. Richard, Some Of It Was True!’s founder and editor has hung up his blogging shoes for now, but I, Harrie, will continue bringing you stuff on the London new music scene. Keeping up Richard’s legacy, you can expect a similar range of electronica, beeps and bleats, and shoegaze. So don’t be a stranger now, if you love the SOIWT! formula, pop back soon for more new musics.

    Your humble(ish) new music monkey


    p.s. the Radio show is dead. Sorry.

  • Mellor

    There are two ways to get featured on SOIWT:
    1) Have a really great song.
    2) Name yourself after me.
    Being extra efficient, Mellor (my surname) have ticked both boxes.  I like to think they named themselves after me, anyway.  They probably didn’t.  Ruby Love is their fourth single, and a genuinely catchy bundle of fun.