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  • Villa Cola

    Some women sound so good.  The sultry tones of London lush-pop act Villa Cola‘s singer Ranya, for example.  She has the kind of silky, personality-packed voice you hear long after the threepiece’s first track - Lost Days, a melt-in-the-mouth synthy affair - has beat its last. 

    For more, download the EP for free here.

    Villa Cola - Lost Days (mp3)

  • Daughter

    Daughter e1299201309972 [Folk/Acoustic] Daughter   Run

    Daughter, aka London 21-year-old Elena Tonra, is like a cross between Jackanory and Laura Marling; she has the narrative tale-telling ability of the former, with the latter’s soft, fireside voice and girl-and-guitar folk trappings.  Unlike Marling, though, and I think, crucially, Tonra has precise, instantly catchy melodies and a determined dynamism to her vocals.  Listening to Laura Marling, I get bored and my mind drifts to football; listening to Daughter, I pay attention and don’t even think about food.  Her EP’s available gratis here.  And if Bandstand Busking don’t have her phone number, there’s something wrong in the world

    Daughter – Run (mp3)
    Daughter – Tomorrow (mp3)

  • Glyphs


    Like your music scratchy and screwball?  Then emerging Brixton duo Glyphs are for you.  Somewhere between indie, folk, electro and even house in style, their songs potter along with a minimum of fuss while lots goes on behind the scenes.  Vocals build like soft waterfalls; cuckoo keyboards weave nice pat-a-cake patterns; and robotic samples provide the quirk.  There’s a geekiness and a precision here, but also real magic.  Download the entire, self-titled EP potion for free at their Bandcamp.

    Glyphs – Outline (mp3)

  • Monday Music – 21 March 2011

    Monday Music’s the weekly post where SOIWT drops its London-only rule, and goes global:

    Becoming Real – Closer
    The first tune on Becoming Real’s new record (just released on Cold World Industries), Closer’s a diary entry of insecurity, a constantly concerned dubstep plea to persons unknown.

    Closer by Becoming Real

    Hot Sugar – Fuckable (Feat. Baghdaddy) (mp3)
    Mmm-hmm.  Yeah.  Oooh.  Alright.  Mmm.  Oh yes.  Phew baby.  Whoa.  Just there.  Alright.  Ohhh.  Yesss.  Mmm.  Okay.  Wow.  Just like that honey.  Aaah.  Yeah.

    Marcus Foster – Tumble Down (mp3)
    A tragedy-lined tearjerker, ideal for rainy Sunday retrospects and post-break-up antisociability.  The also-art-making Foster’s voice bears similarity to the Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz, but comes ten times more tormented.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Dam Mantle – A Statue That Is Perpetually Unveiled
    Scotland in cutting-edge-electro shock!  Featuring a treasure trove of cult samples, Clint Mansell-style freak-outs and more mood-changes than your average ex-girlfriend (the one who’s texted you 42 times today), this slice of fusion strangeness from Inverweirdo finally explains what Scots get up to during all those shitty winters.

    A Statue that is Perpetually Unveiled by Dam Mantle

    CS Yeh – In The Blink Of An Eye (mp3)
    There’s nothing too normal about this latest gaunt, gruff folktronica effort from Taiwan-born, Brooklyn-dwelling C S Yeh.  Pale in pallor but rich in melody, it shuffles along delightfully (faintly) like a grubby Bob Dylan with extra jingles.

  • Big Sleep

    There’s an appealing self-sufficiency to Ghosts, the demo by London’s B I G S L E E P (the spaces are important).  Never OTT nor prone to cheesy riffs, this slice of indie nevertheless whizzes along very nicely thank you very much, and then stays in your head for hours afterwards.  Especially if you replay it.  Which you will.

    YouTube Preview Image