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  • Monday Music – 5 November 2012

    Monday Music’s the one weekly post wherein Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule


    Appropriately enough for Guy Fawkes Night, here are five crackers:

    Fishing For Crabs – Falling Down A Hole
    If the public’s ready for the majestic inventiveness of Alt-J, then 19-year-old Doncaster musician Lewis Murray should be on the fame highway soon enough.  This one’s as innocent and warming as a hot apple juice: fairytale lyrics, a hippety-hop (not hip-hop) beat, brass salutes and an overall sense of bug-eyed wonder at the world.  (via Don’t Die Wondering)

    Ludovico Einaudi – I Giorni
    Today at a big, mean and ugly travel-trade fair, a small, nice and pretty girl recommended me some piano music.  I know nothing about piano music.  But this seems like a pretty damn fine place to start.  It tells me: turn the lights down low and soothe your weary head, my darling, for this will make you feel better, this medicine will hush that wailing, wild mind of yours.
    YouTube Preview Image

    Dark Dark Dark – Tell Me
    In exchange, tip for tip, I suggested that the small, nice, pretty girl check out Dark Dark Dark, whose album is currently thrilling me on a nightly basis.  As befits a great record, every song is strong and I have a new favourite each week.  This one is top of my personal pops right now.
    YouTube Preview Image

    Black Girls – St Simons
    I found this gem scrolling way back in time on Sound Stand, a great blog run by my chum Trisha in Berlin.  It’s got a jazz element, but it’s definitely not jazz.

    Blue Boats – I Am The Only One (mp3)
    Hello surf pop, I’m synth pop and this is dream pop.
    Hey, how are you both?
    Fine thanks.  Where the hell are we?
    Yep.  Me either.  As unlikely as it seems, this terrifically talented local dude called Olly Gale found a way to pair us all together and make it really work.  In Bournemouth.
    Fuuuck.  We did not see that coming.
    No.  No-one saw that coming.

  • Amusement

    We run through Waterloo, fingers gripped in fingers, tearing through the crowds, weaving past wardens, jumping trolleys, sidestepping suitcases, spilling coffees. Her hair trails out while she laughs giddily, and I shrill out the words to King of the World by Amusement as the sentiment rings true. I love you, I think. We run ever faster, ever wilder, ever freer.

  • Catching Flies

    Today his body gave up on him a little bit more, and his dear friend told him about her aunt dying while she was holding her fucking hand, and his bank complained at him, and his grapes had gone off, and the curtain rail broke, and angry, and sad, and now he wants attention and payback, he wants to take them, take them all, he wants to, he wants to, he wants to, he wants to; and then he wants to run for the hills – phone off, thrown in a drawer; duvet over head; door locked; light extinguished – and hide up there, hide inside this escapist music (it’s by Catching Flies and he adores it), hide in his hoof, and await his dubious reward in solitude.  He wants to but he doesn’t have the guts.

  • Monday Music – 22 October 2012

    Monday Music’s the one weekly post wherein Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule

    michaela knizova

    Steffaloo – Can’t You See (mp3)
    SOIWT’s first misadventure with Steffaloo saw the LA singstrette reaching for the lasers with Chrome Sparks.  This, our second encounter, turns out to be a much more sedate affair, as she sings balefully and beautifully in a spirited, string-flicking message of defiance to a departed lover.
    YouTube Preview Image

    Le Roi Crocodile – Youth Decay (mp3)
    Talking of old friends, here’s SOIWT’s favourite Vancouver teenager returning to these pages with more OTT, indie-electronic hijinks.  Play it as loud as you possibly can; if you don’t end up jabbing your finger in the air, then fun must indeed be your enemy.

    Io Echo – Ministry Of Love
    Io Echo announce their return with this stately shimmerer, the first bounty from a new self-titled EP.  Fans of ridiculously-titled genres will be thrilled to learn that the duo have been, thanks to their use of Japanese koto harps and Chinese violins, lauded as pioneers of both grunge goth and, my favourite, new Orientalism.  I really wish I was kidding.

    Bogan Via – TES (mp3)
    Plenty hyped for their song Kanye, the Arizona duo that is Bogan Via cement their buzz with this far lusher number.  The combination of Madeleine Miller’s soaring, balladeering vocals and the regal synth sounds are, I think, just majestic.
    YouTube Preview Image

    Popcaan – The System
    Mix a touch of jah with some big beats and a decidedly antisocial message and you have this slice of excitement.
    YouTube Preview Image

  • SOLO

    Pinned Image

    The single best part of running this blog is when aspiring musicians email, and turn out to be (I think) brilliant.  It thrills me, and also reminds me how privileged I am.  That’s the case with SOLO, aka Solomon Major, a Londoner who in his own words produces “an acoustic and synth variation of dream-pop, mainly based on building and layering guitar loops over drum machines.”  And, heck, but this truly is dream-pop: music that floats you off into a mental hammock, music that slows everything down.  When one of SOLO’s songs loops its last, I feel a bit disorientated, as though a sweet reverie has just been abruptly interrupted; and I suspect (though I could be wrong) that this is what it’s like for hedgehogs waking from months of hibernation, or babies, finally leaving their quiet wombs for the hubbub of a hospital room.
    (The songs below are from debut EP Read With Your Eyes Shut, which he says will be out soon.)