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  • Leon Else

    Bad day.  Fuck it.  Leon Else had the same.  We all fall down.  Tomorrow we’ll get up and go again, keep trying.  It’ll get better.  Just keep believing, keep doing our thing.

  • East India Youth

    East India Youth – who just signed to Stolen Recordings; a debut’s due in 2014 – calls himself a ‘song architect’.  Wanky, yes, agreed, but you can see the argument in Heaven, How Long‘s Soundcloud graph.  Look how it slowly rises, like a mountain coming out of the sea.  Like a car on a highway picking up speed.  Like a gently angled treadmill ramp.  Like a…well, okay, you get the idea.  It’s a blurry, escapist piece of electronica, a drowsy daydream that’s eventually punctured by a curt cymbal hit.

    Coastal Reflexions is also good, as well as being the only song I’ve ever come across to namecheck Goring-by-Sea.  It veers from train trance – could be a whole new genre – to fully fledged rail dystopia to big-beat euphoria.

  • Ben Khan – Eden

    As fiddly and choppy as they come, Ben Khan‘s latest, Eden, is more of a trip than a song.  Ben’s in there somewhere, his vocals buried in a sea of extravagant strums, snares, squeaks and tweaks.  The same is true of his previous offering, Drive (Part 1) – no Part 2 having yet been proffered.  Thank goodness my job doesn’t require attributing genres to music; I really wouldn’t know where to start with this enigmatic pair.

  • F.U.R.S – Just Kids

    It’s 7pm and I’m still in my Soho office, all alone, exhausted: outside it’s dark, damp, cold, not the least bit tempting.  So, fuck it, I decide to put on F.U.R.S‘ soaring, rip-roaring, cockle-warming new single before leaving.  A minute later and I’m running round the Macbooks and deskchairs, humming hideously and making bizarre aeroplane shapes last seen over a decade ago.  Because what the hell: it’s as fun and feelgood an indie song as they come, and blessed with a sweet naivety as well as blow-out choruses, and you know what, fuck you chilly evening – you can wait.  I’m playing this again.  And again.  And agai…

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  • Gent Mason

    Much of this weekend was spent hangover: a yawny, uncertain land of forgotten chores and poor fashion choices.  Gent Mason‘s stuff – a mellow, ghost-in-the-machine electro with murmured vocals - is the perfect soundtrack for such times.