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  • Los Porcos – Sunshine & C.F.W.

    At the new company where I work, my two main colleagues are both wonderful people – kind, genuine and not a bad bone in their body.  Before I started, I said to friends that I hoped being around them would make me a better person; that their virtue might somehow rub off on cynical, often-horrible me.  I was only semi-serious, but it has actually happened: I’m still an arsehole compared to them, but I’m an improved, more-considerate arsehole.  The same sort of innocent goodness is present in the recent mellow double-A by Los Porcos, who, as previously discussed, contain former members of Wu Lyf.  And indeed in the giddier and older Do You Wanna Live?

  • Arthur Beatrice – Grand Union

    Arthur Beatrice‘s songs are always effortlessly catchy; they sound good, really good, period.  A sort of thigh-slapping soft electro pop, with intense bits and snoozy bits and an easiness that can’t be taught.  Following on from the recent four-track Carter EP, a full debut album is promised for next year.  In between, we have this: a new single which, unusually for them, is carried by the fabulously-named Orlando Leopard’s (far right, above) vocals, rather than the usual female front of Ella Girardot.  I like Leopard’s voice – it’s got a very singalong quality – and it works perfectly on this strong, compelling track.  (via I Left Without My Hat)

  • TailrMdeLvn

    by nick sitton

    Murkily, languidly blending soul, hip-hop, spoken word and jazz, NOIR: One Night In The Studio is a new offering by TailrMdeLvn, a pair of producers who work with their own collective – rappers, MCs, poets and so on.  I wish I had my own collective.  Anyway; this five-track EP is actually intended as a harbinger for an imminent full-lengther, London Vintage Nights, but it’s pretty strong in its own right – sleek and sexy, with a rare, unexpected variety, and the seductive lustre of happy flashbacks and stoned Sundays.

  • Douglas Dare


    Are you awake?
    Because I’ve been thinking about last night…

    About our argument

    Well, I think we… we…
    …we what?
    Nothing.  I love you.  Go back to sleep

    Douglas Dare is a 22yo singer-songwriter, originally hailing from the Dorset coastal town of Bridport.  His debut EP, Seven Hours, is released on 30 September via Erased Tapes.

  • Vaults

    by natalia podgorska

    A song for days spent inside, the curtains pulled tightly, chocolate wrappers in the bin, baggy old sweatshirts unearthed, countless cups of tea, the only contact with the world being an occasional cigarette on the back porch.  Tinkling at first like a musical greetings card and going on to generally shiver your timbers with synths, sincerity and siren vocals, Cry No More is Vaults‘ first song on Soundcloud.  Despite next to no information being available about the band, it has already gone stunningly viral to the effect of 100,000 listens (for a cynical take on this, visit IGIF).