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  • Portia Graves

    After yesterday‘s “electronic classical trip-hop”, it’s time to move things along in the form of Portia Graves‘ “electronic soundtrack classical”.  For all my sarcasm, the difference is initially compelling: where Diana Yukawa’s music was pensive and precious, Portia’s newest tune is far more fraught, far more intense.  That makes it no less enjoyable, though: personally, I feel the same thrill here as when listening to a big, bad storm.

    Then again, if you do prefer things pensive, these swirly, subdued tracks (and indeed all others) from her current album Red Brick Roads will really do the trick  (Driving Down The Strip isn’t on said record)…

  • Monday Music – 25 March 2013

    Monday Music’s the one post where Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule.

    Sonny Low – I’ll Be Waiting
    The single best thing I can say about this gentle soul song is the following: before listening to it, I was feeling glum, useless and a bit lonely.  By the end, I felt like hugging myself, phoning my best friend and writing down all my plans.  From adjectives to verbs, and all because of an amazing new Belfast talent and his stupidly wondrous voice.  This is the first track off a debut EP, Rescue, due out in May.

    Week Of Wonders – Wishes
    Only formed in January, this Seattle trio have coined the perfect description for their jangly, fuddled sound: tropical punk.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Le Roi Crocodile – In The Fullness Of Time
    I’m not completely convinced that Vancouver-based teen Le Roi Crocodile even knows how to make a shoddy song.  After a few absolute club belters, here he is in chillwave mode.  And it slips down as easily as a Bellini on an early-evening Venice balcony.

    Banks – Fall Over
    Not every youngster’s going quietly, though.  LA-based talent Banks arrives properly with a debut EP, also called Fall Over, out via London label Good Years and including her prior Lil Silva collaboration.  The title track is a fearsome cracker: electro-pop at a screechy, atmospheric premium.  It won’t hurt that she doesn’t look too shabby neither.  (via Trendland)

    YouTube Preview Image

    Lizard Kisses - The Storm
    Lizard Kisses are a Brooklyn duo – anyone who’s anyone is a Brooklyn duo right now – making saccharine pop gems with a retro, languid feel.   The Storm opens their new EP, Loving Creatures, which is limited to 160 hand-crafted copies, all sewn and silk-screened by Cory and Marc themselves, and all utterly certain to be sold out when you click this WeePOP! link.  (via Sexbeat)

  • Monday Music – 18 March 2013

    Monday Music’s the one post where Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule.

    Letters To Fiesta - Mesosphere
    Shrieky, spunky, stop-start quirk-pop from Manchester.  Bloody fantastic.  You lost, you lost, your soul.. (via Neighbourhood Tapes)

    YouTube Preview Image

    Urban Homes – Aurora
    Cologne band Urban Homes underwent an inadvertent transformation last year when their drummer left town for a while.  Then a hardcore punk band, they gradually, through use of a drum machine, developed a wholly new sound that bridges krautrock, Balearic, house and disco with their still-present guitars.  The result is Centres, a brilliant record out on Altin Village & Mine.  The final song, Untitled Luv, a “spacey and slow growing 11-minute rave”, is ace, but I most like Aurora for its slurry, lo-fi feel, and for its chants.

    JAWS - Friend Like You
    Brill Brum band JAWS return to these pages (previous glory came thanks to Surround You) with one of the most blissful guitar sounds I’ve heard in years.  The strings here are like a hot bath I could sink into, like waking up and realising it’s Saturday, like knowing you’re exactly where you want to be.

    YouTube Preview Image

    DJ Shadow – Blood On The Motorway
    I sit and wait for her in the far corner of a strange, madly esoteric coffee shop: all Belle Époque armchairs, chintzy tables, dog-themed watercolours and frilly fabrics.  I’m reading a book, but I’m not reading a book: I’m nervous, desperate for it to go well, desperate not to look like I’m desperate for it to go well.  Suddenly the music is turned on and it’s DJ Shadow in his most meditative, steadying form.  I begin to calm down.

    Big Search - Distant Shore
    When the hurly-burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won; this is the song to play, this is how best to end the day.  (via Skeletory)

  • laymedown

    …………………and you’re allowed to be dreamy on Fridays and I’m playing some stupefied, blissful electro by this great producer laymedown (aka Liam from Siloet, though) while wondering whether I should go to the gym before meeting my old landlord, or if I should meet my old landlord and then go to the gym, but then, hang on, has that girl from the other night replied yet-let’s see-no she hasn’t, and I’m suddenly, briefly bummed but then a pram runs over my foot and I yell fucking stupid bitch at the tracksuited single mother, laughing insanely at a private joke not even I get before picking up a free newspaper and instantly putting it down, disgusted, and instead checking my work emails, checking my personal email, my Facebook, my Skype, no-one’s online, no-one I haven’t blocked anyway, and I’m hungry, suddenly ravenous, and so I weave across the pavement, knocking people aside, ruining photos, and plunge into Wasabi where…………………

  • Brassica – Modern Magic

    So far in my new houseshare, everyone goes and hides in their bedrooms: slats of warm yellow light issue from behind firmly closed doors, while the stairwells and lounge sit dark and vacant, horrible places.  All I can do is the same, so I cocoon myself in my boudoir, turn on all the lamps, find a good book and play murky, arresting electronic music at inappropriate volumes.  As loneliness goes, this is pretty tolerable. – such as this from quirky London producer Brassica, and his current EP Temple Fortune, out on Civil Music.