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  • Great Ytene – Hunter

    This is rock gone rarefied; a foggily psychedelic jam track that’s perfect for winding down, or for pouring gently into your ears.  It comes from Great Ytene‘s self-titled debut EP, out right now on Bella Union.  Catch the quartet supporting Cheatahs at the 100 Club next Wednesday.

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  • Teleman – Steam Train Girl

    SOIWT’s back!  I’ve got far too many emails – 1,530, if you’re interested – and so, for the immediate future, it’ll be blogs that are light on words, heavy on content.  First up, here’s the achingly sweet and gently psychedelic new single (and video) from Teleman, described, rather perfectly, by Katie Puckrik as “Kraftwerk for children”.

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  • Au.Ra – Sun

    In the absence of a Friday Films (new videos are few and far between right now), let’s focus on Au.Ra‘s new song, and its accompanying video.  The Sydney/London (mainly Sydney, but hey..) duo’s first track, Sun is dominated by treacle-thick vocals and irony guitars; it’s like a kind of sedated grunge, only with keyboard twinkles.  The psychedelic video, featuring a hipster-like woman wandering dreamily around a bleached landscape, is suitably slurry and phlegmatic.

  • Meddicine – With You Tonight

    I paint my four bare walls in thick, Rothko-esque daubs of colour: one’s a deep cranberry red, another inscrutable black and a third is a glossy, portentous purple, glistening with mauvish intent.  The last is split in horizontal halves: caramel yellow under a brown, a brown that bears no other adjectives than brown; it’s the brownest brown imaginable.  My prison tinted to my decadent fancy, I then turn on the escapist, jangling incantations of Meddicine‘s With You Tonight (part of a double-A with Vision Fortune‘s ____ on Italian Beach Babes) and spin, spin round faster and faster, spin, spinnning, on, on, a blur, a whirl, a swirl, and the colours mesh into one and I can’t see any of them and I can see all of them, and still the song plays and still I spin and still they mesh and then

  • Splashh

    With its tales of extraordinary sweet cherries, sun-stroked floatiness and parched guitars, Splashh‘s All I Wanna Do makes for perfect summer-evening listening; the kind of blissed-out, good-vibe tune you want to play as you flop onto the sofa, a bit drunk, a bit tired, a lot happy.  The fact that we haven’t currently got any summer evenings to enjoy is but a minor setback, and needn’t stop you relishing hazy treat.

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