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  • Cloud Boat – Carmine

    Cloud Boat are not an uplifting band.  The duo make plaintive, sometimes agonised, often-beautiful post-rock tunes; feats in minimalism, exercises in moroseness and studies of morbidity.  From second album Model Of You, lead single Carmine is reasonably on-brand and typically pretty, albeit with slightly more pulse than previous numbers.

    YouTube Preview Image

    But check out also Manchester producer (and fellow Apollo Records act) Synkro‘s remix of Carmine.  This is no exercise in jollity either, but the new edit does introduce a chill vibe, and a glassy, faintly euphoric, 4am feel that works well versus the original’s solemnity.

  • Whistlejacket – Melt

    Music serves many roles for me – it can be restorative, sympathetic or soothing.  But the purpose I value most of all is when it’s escapist; when all I want is to run away, and a song  magics a door out of thin air.  ”Step through here,” it says, “leave all that behind for a while,” it says, “stay as long as you want,” it says, “slow down,” it says, and I do, I so gladly do.  This scuzzy, droney, groggy, shoegazey single by emerging London psychs Whistlejacket boasts that blessed quality.  (thanks to Sexbeat)

  • Jamie Isaac – She Dried

    Nice, really nice – the tortured new single from South London’s Jamie Isaac.  It’s from his forthcoming second EP, Blue Break, out in March through House Anxiety.

  • Halls – Aside

    This is glum as fuck.  No two ways about it.  But, heck, it’s beautiful: beautiful in its solemn, burly vocals, beautiful in its regal woodwind, beautiful in its unexpectedly up-tempo (despite said glumness) beat.  Plaintive has never been so pleasing.  I also like how, just when you’re expecting a second chorus or whatever we’re calling the instrumental refrain, Halls‘ new song just ends, without fanfare or flourish, just simply ends.

    Aside is the most recent release from Love To GiveHalls‘ second album, due on 10 February, next Monday, via No Pain In Pop.  Halls is playing The Shacklewell Arms on 17 February, next Monday week.

  • Groves

    by matteo palmieri

    Here’s something unusual for a Sunday morning.  For over two minutes, Encore involves slow, snoozy swirls of guitar noise: astro-pop as Groves themselves call it.  Then suddenly, after a yawny lull, a full vocal kicks in, remembering an isolated moment in a maudlin tone, and the fivepiece take us off into shoegaze or mumblecore territory, Deptford Goth with grunt, a bottom-of-the-barrel blues dirge.  How wonderful to hear something so inventive.