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  • Monument Valley – When I Go Clear

    by burton wang

    Last week I wrote about a Patsy Cline cover by Monument Valley that acted as a harbinger for his debut LP; now we have the first juice from said record. When I Go Clear is a typically solemn tune of determined but allegorical storytelling: a song envisioning happiness, but written from a place of despair. The plaintive sound and sentiments echo Deptford Goth’s chillwave, but Ned Younger’s voice is broader and altogether more audible than Daniel Woolhouse’s ever becomes. It’s also, in an inspired touch, accompanied here by Kerry Leatham’s – she of Peter & Kerry fame. The two eventually join forces to provide a poignant, satisfying crescendo.

    YouTube Preview Image

    I was curious about to meaning of ‘go clear’: within Ned’s song, it seems to infer breaking free of something like drugs or alcohol, but I wondered if there was a wider meaning. Turns out that it’s a common Scientology term referring to a cleansing or rebooting of the mind. It was also used by Leonard Cohen in Famous Blue Raincoat; Cohen had links to Scientology, so presumably he had their meaning in mind. I’m curious whether Ned does too but, at the same time, I love the ambiguity that comes with not knowing.

  • Monday Music – 7 January 2013

    Monday Music’s the one weekly post wherein Some Of It Was True! drops its London-only rule

    Luis Bacalov & Rocky Roberts – Django
    The soundtracks of Tarantino films are unstintingly brilliant, and the score for Django Unchained is no different; I know because Quentin has introduced the whole thing, track by brilliant track, on the Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show.  The director clearly likes the sound of his own voice, but it’s fascinating to hear how he puts his soundtracks together.  I loved every song, but the emblematic title track, lifted from the original Django movie and sung wonderfully by the boxer-turned-singer Rocky Roberts, lingers longest in the memory.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Stealing Sheep – Boys In The Band
    This first appeared in autumn but I only just stumbled across it – a brilliant, spectral, Ketamined cover of the Libertines classic.  Carl and Pete’s chirpy tones are replaced with the Sheep’s downy drones in a sinister playground world of echoes, skids and twinkly keys.  It’s probably equivalent to the average Doherty meth trip, and thus strangely apt.  The original’s listenable here.

    Alek Fin – Waiting Like A Wolf
    It’s over between us.  And yet.  And yet.  (via Trendland)

    Natasha Haws – Stranger
    I came across this North-East singer on the brill Nialler9 blog – the one which inspired me to start SOIWT, in fact – as the Irishman rightly likens Haws to Bat For Lashes.  She has the same eccentricities as her fellow Natasha, and an equally dramatic, intense tone.  But Stranger seems extra raw and sinister, thanks in par to its ominous drums and Haws’ increasingly cuckoo vocal chants.  I love it.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Active Child – His Eye Is On The Sparrow
    Pat Grossi is so good that even a New Year’s freebie can have me trembling like the worst regressor.  This solemn, hymn-like beauty is as spindly and ethereal as they come: a glimpse of innocence that convinces you to keep on trying for a while longer.

  • Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs

    Vital, intense and grubby: that would appear to be a early trend of 2013 rock, what with Savages, Palma Violets and now this lot.  Ironically, given their ’70s garage-rock sound, there’s something suspiciously polished about Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs: the scratchy, sandpaper-raw reverb and easy punkish melodies of their single I Want You and its B-side Be Nice feel too perfect for a debut record – as if they’ve been cloned from the real thing, or at least learnt it at Simon Cowell’s house.  But maybe they just are that good, and I need to be less cynical: Heavenly sure think so, as they’ve already signed the fivepiece up.  An Edwyn Collins-produced debut album is due soon.

  • Friday Films – 4 January 2012

    Like the rest of us, Friday Films is off to a hesitant, stumbly start in 2013.  There’s just one new video to gush about this week…

    Echo Lake – Even The Blind (in session)
    And that single offering is appropriately ephemeral and bleary: both in terms of sound and sight.  In a slightly-bleached black-and-white setting, Echo Lake perform a song from debut Wild Peace (out now via No Pain in Pop) in session for Bowlegs.  The shoegazey song peaks and pales like a turbulent, ill-fated empire seen through a hazy microscope.

    YouTube Preview Image
  • AlunaGeorge – Diver

    Before Christmas (like, when?), SOIWT posted a preview video of Diver, AlunaGeorge‘s new track – and now here’s the tune in its sleek full-lengthness.  In the interim, the duo have been crowned runners-up in the BBC’s Sound of 2013 competition, and announced their forthcoming debut album is to be called Body Music.  Hailing from it, Diver feels to me a bit too skiddy and hook-heavy, as if it never quite gets going, never manages to free its shoulders.  See what you think, though, and by all means let me know: