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  • Peh Per Ghost

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    Peh Per Ghost is a young producer-songwriter from NE London who makes deliciously spectral (as the name suggests) house-slash-R’n'B sounds – both UFO-strange and cornershop-familiar, all at once.  These are the minimal sounds of tough times interspersed with crumbs of comfort; a burn-out but, wait, no, maybe not, not yet, stay strong, it gets better, it gets better I promise…

  • Monday Music – 20 February 2012

    (Monday Music’s the one weekly blog where SOIWT abandons its London-only focus, and goes global)

    RM Hubbert – Sunbeam Melts the Hour (Feat. Marion Kenny & Hanna Tuulikki)
    Kicking off with swaggering, staggering plucks of a rusty ol’ guitar, this could easily be the soundtrack to a violent, slow-motion section in a western, the scene where we see a portrait of domestic happiness which will inevitably get smashed up.  The punch-drunk, whiskeyed feel is spellbinding – and appropriate, since Hubbert is a bleary Scot.

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    White Ring – Hey Hey, My My
    A witch-house cover of Neil Young?  Why didn’t I think of that? (via SEXBEAT)

    Poliça – Lay Your Cards Out (mp3)
    On the train home on Saturday night, I had one of those moments where the mental smoke clears, when you suddenly see the answer to a problem with absolute clarity, and you wonder how it took you so long, why you never figured it out before.  That’s what this utterly gorgeous, RnB-meets-electronica song sounds like: blissful certainty.  Poliça is the new project for Gayngs maestro Ryan Olson, with vocals by Channy Leaneagh, and it already has a celebrity fan-club including Jay Z (see his blog) and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, who told Rolling Stone that “they’re the best band I’ve ever heard.”  Then again he, and bandmate Mike Noyce have contributed to the album – so they aren’t to be trusted.  It’s best that you decide for yourself.

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    MeDo’s Little Trap – Medicine Sound (mp3)
    Here’s how best to enjoy this slice of minimalist wonder from a new Rome band: dim the lights, play it loud… and just listen – do nothing but listen.  No distractions, just you and the song.  I did that, and it made me cry, the prettiness of it made me cry.  Once I’d manned up I realised there was a whole free album to relish over on Bandcamp.

    Alireza Eftekhari – Serr-e ‘eshq
    I risk looking really pretentious here – under the logic that any blogger who posts a 20-minute Iranian classical song simply must be a) showing off and b) a total tosser – but bear with me.  Firstly, it’s a fabulous, stunning and absurdly powerful piece of music, spanning several phases and all sorts of emotion, and worth inclusion on that basis alone.  But I also am including it by way of advertising the Almeida Theatre‘s current production of The House of Bernarda Alba, in which Lorca’s play is relocated to rural Iran.  The show, atmospheric and taut, features lots of traditional Iranian music known widely as Dastgah.  None of it is online, of course, but this brooding brilliance, performed by renowned Iranian singer Eftekhari, could easily have made the play’s soundtrack.  You’ve got under three weeks to get to the Almeida – tickets here.

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  • Peepholes

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    Sometimes when I see those crazed people in the street – yelling at no-one, screaming up at bare windows, having it out with the fresh air – I wonder if maybe they’re the sane ones, and it’s me that’s mad.  Maybe they’re just the chosen few with flexible enough minds that they can see the ghosts, and recognise the push and pull that most of us walk blithely by.  Maybe they’re enlightened, and I’m stumbling around the dark.  Listening to South London act Peepholes, and their mesmerising drone-out, makes me wonder all over again.

    (Peepholes currently have  a tape out on Nail In The Coffin and a split 12″, ‘Kingdom’, out on Upset The Rhythm, which prettily summarises Peepholes as ‘party music for the lost at sea’.  A new EP ‘Caligula’ is due imminently, also through UTR.)


    TUNNELS (early version) by PEEPHOLES


  • Porcelain Raft – Talk To Me

    I’ve got to do boring, mundane things – ironing, washing, organising – tonight but they can wait.  For now, I want to lie back, eyes glazed and smile fixed, and try to remember the weekend’s many highs.  This typically spectral slice of witch house from Porcelain Raft provides just the audio teleport required.

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    Porcelain Raft - Talk To Me (mp3)

  • Plant Plants

    So I can’t actually improve on God Don’t Like It‘s summary of Hackney’s new band Plant Plants.  Depressing, but I can handle it.  Here we go:

    “Stuart Francis & Howard Whatley formed Plant Plants in 2010 following the deaths of mutual friend. Spawned from a shared love of film scores, weird guitar tunings & heavy beats, Plant Plants music is a genuinely rare blend of electronica & eclectic imagery that sets them apart from the pack – as proficient in the digital world as they are with traditional analogue istrumentation and combined with the weight of Jas Shaw (Simian Mobile Disco) manning the desk, Plant Plants are a hybrid reflection of what music should be in 2011.”

    That above is their debut EP, out on This Is Music‘s offshoot Less Music.  That friend better be proud of them, because it’s fantastic.


    Plant Plants – She’s No One (mp3)